WIP Wednesday #113: Quilted Hot Pad Placemat with Mitered Corners

In this episode of WIP Wednesday Vanessa is going to share her tips for making a quilted hotpad and how to miter the corners. NO BINDING needed! These techniques will work for making hot pads, placemats, pot holders and even quilts! If you enjoyed the last few episodes of WIP Wednesday then you’ll love seeing it all come together in this show!

These would make great gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.

As usual, Vanessa will be sharing lots of tips & tricks so you don’t want to miss it!

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What we’re covering:

1:54 – Skills building on each other over the last few WIP Wednesday episodes

5:31 – Fabric and Dimensions for a Placemat or Trivet

8:02 – Making a folding guide & Folding your edges

9:14 – How mitered corners and folding up the edging works

16:00 – Quilting the front of your trivet

16:46 – Marking your mitered corner guide

17:53 – Folding, pressing and glue basting your mitered corner

18:15 – Quilting the back of your trivet

20:12 – Glue basting and pressing tips

22:10 – Why I swear by glue basting

25:14 – Temporary glue basting for last minute projects

26:19 – Quilting line widths for your trivet

26:32 – Topstitching the edging of your trivet

30:19 – Why make holiday home decor + gift giving

33:13 – Fleece fringe pillows tutorial

34:44 – Submit your question for the next WIP Wednesday

Products and projects mentioned:

• Bosal Poly Therm Heat Reflective Fleece used: https://craftygemini.com/shop/bosal-poly-therm-heat-reflective-fleece/

• WIP Wednesday #111: How to miter corners: https://craftygemini.com/2023/11/wip-wednesday-111-how-to-miter-fabric-corners-more-questions-answered.html

• WIP Wednesday #112: How to make a pot holder with NO BINDING: https://craftygemini.com/2023/11/wip-wednesday-112-how-to-make-a-pot-holder-with-no-binding.html

• FREE tutorial on making fabric napkins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvsWCrB9zmY&t=0s

• Iron featured in video (1800 watts/ affiliate link): https://amzn.to/491uAkF

• Fleece Fringe Pillow Cover Tutorial: https://youtu.be/9dAWbmt19vs?si=UA0pui_Agrtzb99V

• Shop 100+ digital courses on sewing/quilting/knitting/crochet/garment sewing: https://craftygemini.com/product-category/pdf-video-workshops/

• FREE TUTORIAL: How to make a pot holder with no binding: https://youtu.be/PZPgJQBw89I?si=AfgpKCWliFqySALh

• JUKI LB5020 Sewing machine (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/468SnNu

• Mist Spray Bottle: https://craftygemini.com/shop/mist-spray-bottle/

• Niagara Spray Starch (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3LbzUF9

• Small Tailors Clapper: https://craftygemini.com/shop/small-tailors-clapper/

• Clover Fine Glass Head Patchwork Pins: https://craftygemini.com/shop/clover-fine-glass-head-patchwork-pins/

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