WIP Wednesday #111: How to miter fabric corners & more questions answered!

In this episode of WIP Wednesday Vanessa is answering your pre-submitted questions on:

– working with precut fabrics

– interfacings

– and she’ll be doing a demo of how to make easy mitered corners on your fabric projects.

This technique is great for professional looking fabric napkins. Lots of tips & tricks will be shared so don’t miss it!

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What we’re covering:

0:55 – WIP Wednesday #111!

2:21 – Mitered Corner Napkin Tutorial

3:08 – Using a manilla folder as a hem guide

4:16 – Turning over hems

7:54 – Marking mitered corner guides

10:22 – Folding your mitered corner

12:31 – Glue basting

14:53 – Mitered corner demo

19:02 – Topstitching your napkin hem

23:29 – Measuring precuts + shrinkage

34:30 – What can DuraFuse be used for?

44:47 – Substituting non woven interfacing for woven

Products and projects mentioned:

• FREE tutorial on making fabric napkins: https://youtu.be/XvsWCrB9zmY?si=6gO-A3Y1MqAHLw8i

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