Tips for Pressing Seam Allowances in Quilt Blocks

Hello friend! I just wanted to share a quick tip for pressing seam allowances in your quilt blocks. When quilting, we usually start with cutting up our fabrics into smaller patchwork pieces, then we sew them together to create our desired quilt design. However, throughout that process there is a A LOT that can go wrong. Not only do you need to be accurate with your cutting and sewing but you also need to be consistent in order to create quilt blocks that will finish the same size and in the end yield you a square quilt.

Sure the cutting and piecing is important in quilting but did you know the pressing of each individual patchwork unit and quilt block is just as important?!

After all, if the seams aren’t pressed correctly, this will result in a quilt that doesn’t lie flat, won’t be square and it can even throw off your design if intersecting points don’t land where they should.

To ensure the accuracy of your quilt blocks, watch this video where I share some tips for pressing your seam allowances.

Watch this tutorial for tips on how to properly and accurately press seam allowances. 

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Happy Quilting!

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