Farm & Family (and travel) Updates!

Hey everyone! Thought I would post a general mixed update about whats going on in the CG sphere.
My family and I  recently went on an amazing vacation trip to southern Vermont. We rented a car and explored the road, stopping to check out Western Mass and a few places in Vermont and New Hampshire. Our accommodation was incredible: a 1700s farm house I found on AirBnB that had a wood burning stove, an outdoor wood burning sauna & natural stone wading pool, trails throughout the land, maple sap lines, cows, chickens, etc… The kids LOVED IT! Make sure you check out the slideshow below to see pics!
We also visited a bunch of quilt shops & I was pretty amazed at how NICE everyone was! Honestly, that hasn’t been my experience at most quilt shops so I really enjoyed visiting the ones we passed through in Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Vermont. Another awesome thing I noticed: not a Wal-Mart in sight. Also we only saw 1 McDonald’s, and that was on our last day! The quality of the environment and of living In Vermont is pretty amazing. I was also impressed and inspired at how many independently owned businesses there were. Being a small business owner myself, I always support the cause. From the delicious food to the landscape to the people, Vermont gets an A+ from my family & I!
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In parenting news, my kids have been taking quilting/sewing very seriously within the past year. They’ve started making quilts for themselves using assorted cat prints from a 10″ x 10″ precut stack! They do all the sewing by themselves and it is amazing to watch.  I’m so proud of them!
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In CG media news, I recorded a podcast with Conscious Living where I talk to about my past working in the field of law, how my YouTube tutorials all began, and how I eventually, after a long journey, found my true passion in life. I had so much fun doing this & feedback from listeners has been great! Give it a listen, I think you might find it interesting :o)
I was also featured in this article called “15 Mom Bloggers Whose Husbands Were Able To Quit Their Jobs” The owners, found the post I wrote a little over a year ago called Why my husband quit his job today and decide to feature me in their list. Thanks to Todd and Tamiko Pettee for featuring me! :o)
 That’s all for now… I have two new tutorials going up this weekend so be sure to check back!
Chat soon!

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