Farm & Family Fridays #2

Hey everyone! Welcome to Farm & Family Fridays again. 🙂

This week, the kids and I took a fieldtrip to our local Joann’s to pick up some garment sewing patterns. The Simplicity patterns were on sale for $1.99 so it was the perfect time to snag some! The kids want to make some clothes so what better way to get them started than to let them pick the designs themselves! I took the opportunity to turn it into a learning experience where we covered reading, number recognition, handwriting, etc. I also explained to them how the categorical system of numbers works and where to find each pattern in the drawers. It definitely took some time but it was so much fun to watch! This is the type of pedagogy I prefer to practice with my kids: one that teaches real life, practical, and applicable knowledge that is relevant to our everyday lives. Yay for homeschooling/unschooling!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.02.24 PM

Juice (6 yrs) & Allie (4 yrs) choosing the patterns they want from the catalog and writing down the numbers.


kids sewing patterns crafty gemini teaching

Juice (6 yrs) and Allie (4 yrs) working together to find the right patterns. So much fun to watch them help each other!

In other news, I recently returned from a 2 day trip to NYC, where I worked on 2 fun future projects! Wish I could tell you guys more but I have to keep my lips sealed for now :X Stay tuned! I love living in the country but being born in NYC and raised in another big city (Miami) it’s always fun for me to visit my old stomping grounds! In The Big Apple, I got to browse through the Garment District and visit the famous Mood Fabrics store (as seen on Project Runway!) I also got to eat incredible Ethiopian food with my little sister, her friends, and my cousin (who I haven’t seen in ages!) If you have the chance, try Ethiopian food at least once because it is really delicious. The food is eaten with your hands, using a piece of injera as a utensil to pick up food. Yummy!


crafty gemini at mood fabric

I’m not much of a shopper but did find a gorgeous stretch knit fabric I had to have.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.02.51 PM

In Mood Fabrics in NYC! Fabric heaven!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.05.45 PM

After eating great food with friends and family!

Back on the farm, the animals and spring garden are doing just fine. I recently ordered some shishito pepper seeds because Allie and I are currently obsessed with them and we are looking forward to grown tons and tons of them this summer! We are also getting ready to plant some watermelon and pumpkin varieties! Hoping for a productive harvest this season!

P.S.- Some exciting news: Crafty Gemini is going to have a booth at the BIGGEST quilt show in the entire country!! AQS QuiltWeek in Paducah, Kentucky! The show takes place April 20-23, 2016. If you plan to attend be sure to look up the Crafty Gemini booth! I was unsure about going at first because I wanted to take a little break from work & travel but a spot opened up and this is not an opportunity you turn down! I will post another announcement with more details in a future blog post and video announcement. Stay tuned!

That’s all for now! Chat soon!



5 replies on “Farm & Family Fridays #2

  • Ellen

    As a teacher, I agree that hands on, practical learning is so important. Stretch it out by having them understand and handle real money. Figure out the tax (civics lesson on where the tax goes and why). Add it to the total. Figure out the change. For Ally, coin recognition is her lesson. The names of the presidents. Why were they important. Why is the side of the dime ridged and the penny not. (So blind people can distinguish ) Why are the dime and quarter metal sandwiches? What are the letters under Jefferson’s head? Why?Dates on the coins. What does e pluribus unim mean? Etc.

  • Patricia

    I said “hi” to you in Daytona. I always go to Paducah but have to miss this year (hence Daytona). Make sure you get the Strawberry Shortcake at the Boy Scout Troop food booth!!! It is wonderful!!! Have fun and don’t work so hard you don’t get to see the quilts!!! Beautiful children! I am not a “farm” girl but love reading about your adventures!

  • Holly

    Would you consider teaching the best way to make a pattern from an article of clothing that I love so that I can replicate it?


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