10″ Slicer Quilting Ruler- Video Tutorial by The Crafty Gemini

As you all know, I designed my new 10” Slicer quilting ruler and I would love to share with you a project that you can make using my ruler. As well as, tips and tricks when quilting with my 10” slicer quilting ruler. Apparently, I made my ruler for pre-cut 10” fabric squares, and these kinds of fabrics are available at your quilt shops. However, you can also cut your fabric scraps into 10” fabric squares. 

One of the quilt blocks that you can create is the Basic Sliced Block. It is a quilt block with contrasting colors, a lighter shade fabric and the other is darker. In order to square up my quilt blocks, I just use the 90o angle of my ruler. Then out of these blocks, I made my sliced quilt. It is a crib-sized quilt, a perfect charity giveaway, and also works as a wheelchair lap quilt. 

Aside from the ruler, I also use a rotating mat, basting glue, and my rotary cutter. And when using 10” fabric squares, I prefer to use around 12” to 13” cutting mats. The rotating mat is quite handy when quilting during weekend retreats or quilting classes. And as for the basting glue, I prefer to use the washable glue by Elmer’s. Also, I found these fine line glue tips which are just convenient to use and they come in different sizes. 

To get you started quilting, here’s where you can find the materials needed:

                • Buy your 10” slicer HERE.
                • If you are looking for glue tips. Click HERE
                • For Olfa rotating cutting mat, click HERE.

Finally, learn how to make my basic sliced quilt block with this video tutorial. But it certainly doesn’t end here. Check out these other tutorials where you can use your 10” slicer. Click HERE

Happy Quilting!

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