Free Motion Quilting Tutorial Series- Video #6: Practicing Curvy Stitches

Finally, we’re down to the 6th and last video of my Free Motion quilting tutorial series. Previously, I showed you stippling and meandering stitches. Now it’s time for curvy stitches. In this tutorial, I will show you two ways to do it. Moreover, this is a great way for you to practice your curvy stitches and decide what method works best for you. 

A quick recap on my Free Motion quilting tutorials. To begin with, on video #1, set up your sewing machine. Then, warm up with beginner exercises on video #2. On videos #3 and #4, you will learn about straight stitches and practice designs for straight lines. Also, learn how to create stippling and meandering stitches on video #5. Lastly, you can polish your curvy stitches with the two ways that I will show you.

To help you better, watch all of the videos in FREE MOTION QUILTING TUTORIAL SERIES. Check it out HERE

In all of these videos, I used my JUKI TL-2010Q. Watch my sewing machine review HERE.

By the way, I got mine from Timm at Sew-Mini Things. You can purchase this machine at a discount! All you need to do is to mention that you saw it on my YouTube channel. Also, Timm offers free shipping in 48 contiguous states. Visit his website HERE

If you observe on my videos, I installed a LED light strip on my sewing machine. Also, I used a non-stick black mat which helps me move my fabric around. These two are actually convenient when you are doing a Free Motion quilting.

Finally, here’s my Free Motion quilting tutorial on practicing curvy stitches. I hope you enjoy it! See you on my next quilting projects!

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