AQS QuiltWeek Daytona Recap

crafty gemini quilt show AQS daytona booth 2016

Hi everyone,

My 1st ever show is in the bag! Last week, my team & I attended AQS QuiltWeek in Daytona Beach at the Ocean Center, stationed at booth 1137. It was my first time setting up a booth & I think we did a pretty good job! Make sure to check out what it looked like in the slideshow below. I decided to attend this show now that I actually have a product to sell. We wanted to see if my 10″ slicer ruler was going to be as well received as it has been online, and considering I came home with only a few rulers, I’d say it was a hit! I made new contacts, and had a ton of guilds and quilt shops inquire about booking me for workshops and events, so who knows, you may see me in a city near you!

We also put together a slideshow of pictures below so you can get some insight as to how awesome the show was! {Click the arrow to right of the image below to scroll through all the images. There are a bunch!}

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Thank you so much to everybody who traveled to visit me at my booth in Daytona. It was great to meet Crafty Gemini fans in real life. Some of you even brought the projects you made using my 10″ slicer, which meant so much to me! I appreciate all the encouraging words and support I’ve received from you over the years. I hope you’ll stick around to see what I have to offer in the future!

crafty gemini 10 inch slicer quilt at aqs daytona 2016 show

Diana from Syracuse, NY brought the quilt she made using my 10″ slicer! Amazing work :o)

Anyway, back to Daytona. On our 2nd night, we ate at an incredible restaurant called Chucherias Hondureñas, which is straight up the most most incredible spot EVER! Definitely made my top 3 favorite restaurants of all time! I’m already planning the next family vacation to Daytona just so we can eat there. It was so good that we decided to go back the next night too. We even got to meet the chef owner Mayra Rodriguez! I had to meet her to give her props on the menu and execution of the dishes. I ordered the yummiest conch soup both nights with different appetizers to share at the table. Every one of us cleaned our plates! We also had an amazing dessert called Sticky Toffee that was made up of an amazing, indescribable date cake and rum raisin ice cream, topped with strawberries. Heaven on a plate. Seriously. If you are EVER in the Daytona Beach, FL area look this place up! Would make an amazing date night for sure!


chucherias hondurenas daytona beach fl restaurant

Staci, Chef Mayra, me, my sister- Melissa and Krista outside Chucherias Hondureñas

I’ve had quite an adventure the past few weeks with QuiltCon West and the AQS Daytona show. As fun as it has been it was also a lot of work! So, I am beyond happy to be back home with my family and farm animals. Sure, I am usually bursting with energy but I am definitely ready to recharge my batteries with some good r&r. It’s time to prep the spring garden and enjoy some outdoor time with the kids and animals.

crafty gemini kids homeschool gardening organic unschool

Allie (4 yrs old) watering in some seeds and seedlings that are coming up.

crafty gemini farm kids homestead maremma dog

Allie and I playing with our new Maremma sheepdog puppy, Fetty Wap and Brownie the goat photobombing the pic.


crafty gemini kids tree homeschool unschool

Juice (6 yrs) and Allie (4 yrs) swinging on one of our natural swings. Amazing what these trees make!


crafty gemini kids tree

The kids playing on their favorite tree on our farm. A huge Live Oak tree that is the perfect play spot!

If you are new to the Crafty Gemini: WELCOME! Have fun browsing through all of my free tutorials on YouTube and make sure you post a picture of your finished project on my Facebook page! Chat soon!

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12 replies on “AQS QuiltWeek Daytona Recap

  • Denise Shortway

    Looks like you had a good turnout at your booth. Let me say that using that gorgeous color on your table made your booth really stand out. Look at the pics, and down the row is all black – hooray for color!
    Glad it was a success for you. Traveled down to Spring Hill to see if Randy was still there who repairs machines. He is and now his daughter, Amy is in training with him. I mentioned your name and the daughter said that her daughter totally loves your tutorials and made several pillowcases. They have some great new machines there and I was impressed with the small Juki’s with lots of stitches and one that really goes over a huge hump which he has on the machine to view. Their email: – they are on south US19 in the Towne Square Mall behind Chili’s.

  • Cindy

    Hi I’m living in Fl from Maine for 4 months . Somehow found out about the convention and my hubby said he’d drop me off for a little while . It was so great to see you , I’m the one that bought you the nerds and I so regret I forgot to ask for a picture . Your booth looked awesome ! I already had your slicer but I bought 4 patterns and your pretty thread . Your doing a great job!

  • Jean Jankovich


    I love watching your videos and heard that you were great at the recent Daytona Show by one of my quilting buddies, Charlotte. Please consider having a merchant booth at our upcoming Broward Quilt Expo show March 9-11, 2017 in Ft. Lauderdale.

    Thanks and keep the inspirations coming. Your children are adorable!

  • Debbie Reid

    Your show looked like it was great and so did you! I bought your new ruler and can’t wait to use it. I ordered it as I live in Missouri and got it really fast. I hope to see you at Missouri Star Quilts when you are there. I left a message last time but you must have been busy as I wanted to be there when you weren’t filming. Anyhow, maybe next time and maybe I’ll have something fixed with my new ruler. I bought the Juki DX-7 and love it. I’m happy your talent is being shared and I love the way you simplify directions for all of us who are more hands on types. P.s. I’ll bet that white dog loves playing in the mud!ha Debbie from Missouri

  • Pat Wilkinson

    We here at Quilt Til You Wilt in Hudson FL are having a grand time with your new ruler. We have a suggestion for you. Now we now need the same ruler for a 12 or 12 1/2″ block. What do you think?

  • Diane Kendall

    I loved your booth at the AQS quilt week at Datona Beach. Great job!
    Do you have a pattern for the blue squares on white that hung at the booth? If so, what is the name and could I order the pattern?

  • Debbie H

    Vanessa, I was thrilled to see you at the Daytona Quilt Show. I belong to the Racing Fingers Quilt Guild in the area and hope they were one of the guilds that requested a visit from you. I bought your ruler but haven’t used it yet. I will post some pictures when I do. Good luck in 2016. Debbie

  • Susan F.

    Vanessa, I have watched your tutorials and made a few thins from them which is what made me want to join your quilt club. I was happy to meet you at the Daytona Quilt Show and purchased you 10″ slicer and thread. I have a couple of project that I am in the middle of and would like to finish before I start with the slicer. I did not see the patterns, however I would like to know how I can purchase the Any Which Way pattern. I am hoping to be able to attend one of the retreats you have in FL . You have a gift and please keep doing what you are doing. You ROCK

  • Daytonalady

    I saw you in Daytona and bought your new ruler. I fell in love with a quilt you had. It is the child’s made with car print fabric. The pattern was an alternate way of laying out the 10 inch slicer which made a zigzag pattern. You indicated that you are working on a tutorial for that pattern. I am wondering when it will air. Also how about a similar ruler for a 5 inch block?

  • Wilma

    Hi Vanessa,
    Just bought you 5″ and 10″ slicer rulers, can not wait to receive them and then try them. Congratulations on you wonderful work and the show at Daytona. I live in Australia so only follow you on your blog.
    Once again congrats.


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