Hand Embroidery- Video #4: Backstitch

Welcome to my Hand Embroidery Series! Previously, we tackled doing a running stitch and now we’ll proceed to a backstitch. Basically, instead of doing forward stitches, you do it backward. That is why you call it a backstitch. 

For beginners, you can always draw a line that will guide you as you stitch. In this way, you won’t do a free hand. You insert the needle from the back, then you proceed on doing the first stitch. Since this is a backstitch, instead of stitching next where you last left off, start stitching a little further from this. After that, you will go back from the end of your first stitch to complete the second stitch. There you go, just repeat the steps of stitching further up and going back. 

Then after you’re done, your last stitch should be ending at the back of the fabric You will have to tie it off to seal it. To do this, just insert the needle to one of the stitches and don’t pull all the way. As a result, you will have a loop of the thread where you need to insert the needle again. Then, just pull to make the knot nice and tight. 

To get a visual of how I did it, you can watch my tutorial on backstitch hand embroidery. Enjoy!

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