Hand Embroidery Video Tutorial: Running Stitch

Hand Embroidery Video Series #3 how to do a running stitch

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If you are following along with my new hand embroidery video series here is Video #3! In this video, I jump right in and teach you how to do the running stitch. It’s the perfect stitch for beginners to start with.
Some notes on this video:
• The fabric I use is Osnaburg (100% cotton) fabric.

• The 100% cotton craft thread I used is this one: DMC Prism Craft Thread. 
• The book I like to use for small beginner designs is called Indygo Junction’s Stitched Style.
• To mark my line I use a water soluble marking pen like this one: EZ Quilting Water Soluble Marking Pen.
• The wooden embroidery hoops can be found at any crafting store or online HERE. And now I’ll leave you with Video #3 of my Hand Embroidery Video Series! Enjoy!{P.S.- You can always click HERE to access all the videos in this series. As I add new ones they will be archived HERE. }

6 replies on “Hand Embroidery Video Tutorial: Running Stitch

  • iHanna

    I love embroidery and do a lot of free hand sewing and stitching, so I think this video series is an awesome idea! Thanks for putting it together so that more people can learn this awesome art and craft form!

  • Marilyn Kolako

    Hi Vanessa

    You are such a joy to watch, I learned of you from one the ladies that I watch on youtube Dana Pittman, who is also a joy to watch. Now, I’ve been thinking of embroidery stitching as well, I love and want to learn so many things., currently I crochet, learning to knit, I have a sewing machine but I just look at it because my mom gave it to me and it’s old, I think it works, but I don’t know how to thread it and no one on youtube has the one that I have, so there’s no help for me in that area.

    It is a heavy duty sewing machine, it’s a Euro Pro Solid Metal Construction. Anyway I’ll tell you all the things I want to learn are pottery making, painting. along with what I do and am learning to do. Anyways I’m on my way. So let’s goooo Marilyn

  • Lori

    What needle do you prefer for your embroidery? I’ve struggled to find a needle with a large enough eye and sharp enough point that doesn’t leave large holes or get stuck in denser fabrics (batiks).


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