I interview Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co!

jenny doan MSQC and crafty gemini

I had the opportunity to visit Hamilton, MO – the Missouri Star Quilt Co headquarters last month! I had the time of my life! Everyone there is so nice and friendly! The entire Doan family is a trip! They are hilarious, happy and laid-back folk. If you have never had a chance to make it out to there you need to add it to your bucket list. It’s worth the trip.

While there I filmed a few tutorials with Jenny.  One went live on the MSQC YouTube channel this week, the other will go live on my channel in a few weeks. But I also got to do a short video interview with Jenny!! I had my Facebook and Instagram followers post questions for me to ask her live and it was a total success.

Here is the video interview for you to enjoy. After you watch it leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of it and if you’d like to see us do more videos together!


33 replies on “I interview Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co!

    • Mary Stalter

      Enjoyed so much your interview with Jenny. I love Jenny but have never met her. She is so bubbly and I love to hear her laugh.

    • June Gilmore

      Hi Jenny and Vanessa, it is great to see my two favourite tutors together. (note the u in favourite – I’m replying from the UK!). All that I have learned with quilting has been thanks to your YouTube tutorials and people can’t believe that you can learn without going to a class. The best of your ‘classes’ is I can play them over till I ‘get it’. Keep ’em coming! June x
      PS Jenny, I love the note that your shipping department sends – but I’m still waiting for the handsome young delivery man to arrive!

  • cynthia anderson

    Cool interview Vanessa I watched the video of your demo of the tote bag too cute! Even the bloopers lol! I would love to someday visit Missouri just to see those shops and meet Jenny Doan!

  • Glenna

    Thank you so much for showing the interview with Jenny. My husband and I met and spoke for a while with Jenny, her husband and one of her daughters about 3 years ago, while visiting their shop in Hamilton, MO. They are as down to earth as they show on the videos. I have visited MSQC every year since and the town of Hamilton has been transformed to a quilters paradise. I enjoyed your interview and your tote bag tutorials. Vanessa, keep up the good work. I really enjoy your videos and website.

  • Kathi

    You are right. You do make a difference in lives and skills. lol. When I started sewing/quilting 4 years ago, I was incredibly lucky to find both of you. Jenny, you taught me to quilt and Vanessa you taught me how to sew.
    When I heard you were going to be together I knew it would be fun. Love you guys for what you do for us. Thank you

  • Pat Poole

    I am so glad that you made a video with Jenny (tote bag) . I live in Gainesville and rely on the internet for ideas. As you know we have to go to Ocala or Lake City for quilt shops. I thoroughly enjoyed your video. You and Jenny have the right personalities to teach! Keep up the good work!

  • Hope Wright

    Great interview with Jenny. Agree, that quilting is healing. Handbag tutorial is great and appreciate you and Jenny for showing new techniques for making items for everyone.

  • judy

    Loved the interview. My daughter give me a trip to Hamilton for a Christmas present. Such a nice
    place. Hope you two do more together.

  • Gabi Pettti

    Wow! My two favorite quilt teachers together! I can not express how excited I am about August’s retreat! I’ve never been on a quilting retreat before and to be there with the two most AMAZING teachers on the Internet is just blowing me out of the waters. Thanks, Jenny and Vanessa, for all you two are doing in the quilting community. I can, because you all do!

  • Tina

    loved this interview! I so want to visit the Missouri Star now! Maybe one day, but until then thank you for bringing the world of crafting & quilting to me <3

  • Patricia

    I love you both. I came across both of you close to the same time several years ago, and through both of you I got my sewing and quilting mojo back. I sewed all through my boys childhood making them clothes and then ventured into crafting for a few years and then my sewing world went dark. I just couldn’t seem to find anything that interested me or motivated me to sew. One day surfing the web I found Jenny on symposium and discovered you on youtube and I have been motivated ever since. You both rock. Hugs to you both.
    Patricia in Virginia Beach

  • Linda B

    I love that my two favorite ladies are collaborating together. Both of you have such wonderful personalities and are a joy to watch and learn from!

  • Diane Duncan

    Just love your tutorials Vanessa and love Jenny’s tutorials, I so want to come to America and visit Jennys shops (I am in Australia) 🙂

  • Donna F

    I truly loved the interview . I love that both of my favorite teachers were together. I have learned so much from both of you. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you and Jenny together again.

  • Elizabeth R.

    I really love this! I have been so hooked on both of these two sites and now that your together for this little bit, I am hooked even more! Now I’m going to watch the two part tutorial on the bag you did! Thank you Vanessa and Jenny ! Such an inspiration!

  • Karen

    I got back into sewing when I needed a winter hat in a hurry and found the Crafty Gemini through Google. Then Vanessa got me interested in quilting and I found Jenny when looking for tips on free motion quilting. Vanessa and Jenny are the two people who have influenced me the most in my rediscovered love for sewing and new love for quilting. Great to see you both together!

    Karen from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

  • Natasha

    Thank you so much for showing us that interview. I love Jenny, and I love you too, Vanessa! I appreciate how real you guys both are. I love it that you are so passionate about what you are doing. It makes me more inspired.

  • Kristen jones

    I love both of yall!! You’ve both taught me everything I know about quilting and sewing. I’m still new but my family thinks I’m a rock star quilter thanks to Jenny’s great easy quilt tutorials. Lol. Yall really have reached so many and you really DO change lives for the better. Keep up the good work! And my dream vacay is to visit MSQC.

    • Sherry Crowell

      Loved the 2 part tote video! I’m gonna make a whole bunch! Loved being introduced to Vanessa and her breezy uncomplicated teaching style. Jenny I love you for who you are and all you’ve taught me!
      You’re right on – quilting is healing, but so is your darling personality! Thank you both! Carry on! I’m watching!

  • Linda Martindale

    Great interview. Just love how easy you make everything look Jenny! I have been following you since I watched your first tutorial, and now have many of my friends hooked too! Thanks for the daily specials too. I have more than I will ever have time to finish, but who knows, maybe I will just take them with me when I die! ha! “She who dies with the most fabric, wins!” (my motto)

  • Mary

    I really enjoyed your interview with Jenny Doan. The two of you are my favorites for quilting and sewing tutorials. Keep up the great work.

  • Diane

    Oh wow, I just watched it after I saw your tote bag videos with her yesterday. Jenny is such a fab lady – there’s no way she couldn’t be really that lovely after the hundreds of videos I’ve seen her in. I’m new to your world though Vanessa but you seem really ‘on it’ and yet again bringing modern day sewists to the fore. You seemed to both get on well, despite both of you being very strong characters. Your sewing knowledge between you is huge. The discussion about what sewing can do for people isn’t new of course but it is fab to hear in such a modern interview. I shared it on my brand new business Facebook page, as what Jenny has done in Hamilton is such an inspiration and how you bought that interview to us, is definitely a share worthy video. Thanks so much for making it possible x

  • Susan breeds

    Vanessa and Jenny. You are both talented creative and wonderful instructors of your craft. Great interview and I loved the improv tote tutorial Still waiting to get my in r foam everyone sold out. I enjoy you both!

  • Mary Ann

    Hi Vanessa,
    I have been looking for the video tutorial you did with Jenny Doan for the iPad case made with the quilt as you go method. I loved that project. I notice you used to offer a class on something similar…is that still available? If so, I I am very interested. Please let me know. I love your way of teaching, you make everyone feel like they can do the projects ! Keep up the great work, I have learned so much!!!!
    Mary Ann


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