Serger Video Review: Janome 1100D Professional

Disclaimer: Janome let me borrow this machine for use in this review and future projects. I have to decide if I’d like to purchase it or not. Watch my video review to find out what I think I’m going to do!

I have been making myself more garments lately and although I have two other sergers already (one is 30 yrs old and the other about 15!) I wanted to try out a newer model and see how it compared to what I was used to.  Janome sent me this 1100D Professional serger to try out and decide if I’d like to purchase it.  So far it’s a dream.  There are some features that I really like and you can learn all about them in my video review of this serger.

I do not show you how to thread the serger in this video because the 1100D comes with a very easy-to-follow DVD with great closeup angles of the threading process. If you do get this machine you shouldn’t have any problems threading it after watching that DVD.

Where to buy:

This serger is currently only sold at authorized Janome dealers. So, if you want to track one down click HERE to locate your local Janome dealer and go try one out for yourself. I think you’ll really enjoy it!

Do I need a serger?

I receive a lot of emails about sergers and often times it’s someone who is a sewing newbie who thinks they have to buy a sewing machine and a serger just to get started. That is definitely not the case! If you are just starting off in the world of garment sewing a sewing machine will be just fine, especially if you are on a budget. No need to look into sergers just yet.  Once you have made a bunch of garments you will start to feel the need for things to go a little faster and at that point I would suggest you look into getting a serger.  Sergers help you finish off your seams a little nicer than leaving them raw on the inside of a garment and offer some different stitch varieties that you may like to use to add some decorative elements to your projects. Don’t feel like you have to buy a serger now but if you have been bit by the sewing bug and feel like you are only going to want to sew more then I would start saving up for one. I will be creating more video tutorials featuring this 1100D serger so look out for them. That will help give you an idea of what types of applications the serger is good for and you can decide whether or not you need one from there. 

Video Review of the Janome 1100D Professional Serger

Do you have a serger? Do you use it often?

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