Sewing Dolls for Boys

My kids are really enjoying imaginative play these days. They come up with cool characters, names and story lines. So, I’ve been wanting to make them character dolls to play with. So, of course I reached out to Abby to inquire about some of her doll patterns. When my son saw Liam the Doll he knew he wanted to make one for himself. We made the doll and I created a video to tell you all about it!

dolls for boys
The pattern we used is Liam the Doll by Abby Glassenberg Design
{Read Abby’s guest post HERE to learn more about her doll and softie patterns!}
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dolls for boys
This is our version of Liam the Doll. My son named him Jake. 

This was such a fun project to make! My four year old son, Jonathan, sewed most of the straight seams and I took care of sewing the curves for him. He chose the fabric colors and buttons for the eyes.
If you recall from this post my son started sewing at the age of three after asking for a sewing machine for Christmas. He doesn’t sew every day because I try to let him decide when he wants to work on a new project. But when he does ask, I’m all for it! 
In this video I wanted to do a short review on the pattern we used, how it worked out for us and also share some tips on how you can get your kids to help you make dolls they will enjoy for years! Whether or not your kids/grandkids sew is not important. There are a lot of other ways to involve them in the process. Watch the video for details! If you are looking for ways to teach a young child how to sew I recommend watching this video
Here are some pictures of Jonathan working on his doll. And I’ll leave you with the video below. 

sewing with kids
Jonathan sewing hair onto doll’s head. 

sewing with kids
Proud of his work!

sewing with kids
So happy to see the doll’s arms coming together!

dolls for boys
Meet his new friend, Jake. 

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