Nature Weaving- Homeschool Activity

I came across this pin on Pinterest a few days ago and wanted to give it a try! We live on 5-acres and the entire perimeter is wooded so it was pretty easy to find some “Y” shaped branches.

We set out on a hike and the kids quickly found branches to use as their loom. I trimmed some little twigs off of them to clean them up and we had perfect letter “Y” to start with.


I asked what color yarn they wanted to use and the chose red and blue.  I would personally go with something more natural like cotton twine but the kids wanted bright colors. It’s their project so I let them do whatever they want! I tied a knot around the base of one of the sides and started wrapping it around and across going around each branch twice so that the yarn would be somewhat secure instead of just sliding all around the place.

 This is what it looks like before you get ready to weave all the goodies in it!

Allie picked some weeds and started weaving those through. {Don’t mind her blueberry stained face. She’s my food monster.}

She did a great job! Even stuffed a leaf in there for good measure. At this point Jonathan had been using his loom as a walking stick and broke it. He then decided he didn’t want to make one of his own and would instead help his sister with hers. “It’s more fun to do teamwork, Mama.” He’s absolutely right.
He added some twigs in there and then said, “It needs some bright colors… Allie, let’s pick some azaleas!” {I love this little guy!}
He cut some flowers and put them in. That was indeed a fab idea. What a beauty!
{Spring in Florida = gorgeous azaleas in full bloom}
This is their finished nature weaving project! We had a fab time and will definitely be doing this again. Hope you enjoyed it!
I knew it would be fun but I had no idea it would be this fun! Have you even done a nature weaving project?

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