Disney World- Epcot!

Last week I attended the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Lakeland, FL (a post on that coming soon!). Since my mom lives only 30 minutes from the event I decided to go down a few days earlier and take the kids to Disney World. The entry tickets are almost $100 per person (including kids ages 3+) so a few months ago I decided to dish out the extra cash and just get the Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass which is good for one year. It’s a lot more economical if you go to the parks often. The Weekday Select is the cheapest one that allows us access to the four major theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios). It’s only good on weekdays and then there are some black out dates (mostly during the summer) when we can’t go. It works perfectly for us! The only down side is that I end up taking the kids myself since my husband has to work on weekdays. But there are less people, and shorter lines for the attractions! Yay!

I asked the kids which park they wanted to go to and they both agreed on Epcot.  That was my favorite when I was a kid, too! So much educational stuff for them to experience! One of their favorite attractions is “The Seas with Nemo & Friends®.” Once the ride ends you can enter the salt water aquarium and see so many cool sea creatures! We saw all kinds of fish, stingrays, sharks, sea turtles, and even a dolphin presentation. My kids can easily spend 1-2 hours just walking around the aquarium.

My daughter L-O-V-E-S flowers. Like really, she’s obsessed! So we had to check out the Epcot® International Flower & Garden Festival! She was in heaven and wanted to yank all the flowers up to take them with her!

Gorgeous display of flowers and topiary displays of Disney characters! 

I’m thankful for well-behaved kids who allow me to take them to a massive theme park for six hours all by myself and don’t give me any trouble…. even when we have to wait in line for a ride. Phew! We are hoping to make it one more time before the summer heat hits and our black out dates prevent us from going. I’m thinking maybe in early May. It sure does help that my mom lives only a 10-minute drive from Disney World!

 Have you been to Disney World in Florida? If so, which one is your favorite park?

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