NEW CLASS: Reversible Boho Shoulder Bag

Today I’m launching a new online class! Yay!
boho bag
The class is based on a pattern I absolutely L-O-V-E! My friend, Jen at Sew Fun designed this awesome bag and I’m sure you will love it as much as I do!
For just $15, my class includes password protected access to 12 hi-definition video lessons that never expire and you can watch them anywhere in the world if you have internet access.
My class DOES require that you purchase the bag pattern separately from Jen at Sew Fun.
No worries, it’s really simple and affordable!
Jen sells her pattern as a PDF for you print out at home and download for your use:
 A printable PDF pattern that is e-mailed to you. Only $7.95. Click HERE.
 So, all you have to do to sign up for the class is:
Once you sign up for my class you will be emailed a PDF document with the unique password information and link to access the video lessons.Now, I’ll leave you with a little video I put together to tell you all about the class!

boho bag
boho bag

7 replies on “NEW CLASS: Reversible Boho Shoulder Bag

  • Jane

    If I am correct, we pay $7.95 for pattern and $15.00 to learn how to make the bag. On your video’s do we get more instructions on other bags or just this boho bag? Am confused.

  • Vesta

    i can not purchase the pattern needed for this on-line class. The page just comes up ERROR: this page is unavailable. So what do I do now. I don’t want to pay for the class and not be able to get the required pattern! Bummed.

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      Thanks for the heads up. It was an old link. I just replaced it with the correct one. Try it again and you should be able to go to her shop and buy the pattern. Thanks!

  • Laura

    I made 3 of these for my daughter, niece & daughters friend for a youth conference I was taking them to. They LOVED them and it gave them plenty of room for their bibles, journals, snacks and water bottles for the day !! Thanks !!!!!!!!

    Wish I could upload a pic. Soooo cute 🙂


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