Fleece Ear Warmer – DIY Sewing Tutorial

Believe it or not it’s still pretty chilly here in Florida and it’s supposed to freeze a few days this week too. Brrrr! I whipped up another quick and easy tutorial to help keep my ears toasty while I’m outside working on the farm.


This is a suuuuuuper easy project so, it’s great for beginners! If you want to make it for a child you can adjust the measurements very easily- just take a measuring tape and measure around the child’s head at an angle over the same place the ear warmers will go and use that measurement. That’s it!

This project is also fab for using up fleece scraps. Allergic to fleece? No worries, make it out of any 2-way stretch cotton fabric.  It really is versatile. The best thing about this project is that it is a cute AND functional accessory. Jackpot!

I’ve made two for myself already and will probably make a few more since it can be used as a headband too.

Watch this tutorial and learn how to make this fleece ear warmer. Stay warm!

4 replies on “Fleece Ear Warmer – DIY Sewing Tutorial

  • It's Melanie Darling

    Oh Crafty thanks my dear for this tutorial. I live here in FL too, in Orlando, and its been really brrrrrrrrr. I am going on my annual ski trip to TN next month, and I have very short hair. I made myself two ear warmers last year, but they were plain black and very unattractive. I thought about adding a flower but I felt I would like quite crazy, but I absolutely love your version. Again, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say that I used your fleece hat tutorial to make Christmas gifts and they were a HUGE hit! I can’t wait to try this one out. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  • Anonymous

    I also came across your tutorial for fleece hats. I made 15 hats for Christmas gifts. My friends and sisters wanted the pattern to make for children and grandchildren. We took a picture of our family wearing the hats. My daughters’ boyfriend said it is the warmest hat he has ever had. The ear warmers are really cute. I may try it.

  • Lovely Leaf Lady

    Boo my fleece did something weird when I sewed the hem…. It basically created a ruffle. Maybe quality of fleece or maybe I did it on the wrong bias??? not sure if fleece even has a bias??? Oh well. I am going to try again with Minky Fleece just because I love that stuff and this is an easy enough project to see if it works and no loss if it doesnt! Thanks for this tutorial.


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