I have really been trying to up my cooking/baking game this year. I want to try out new recipes and expand my menu options. I feel like every few months I fall into a rut of cooking the same dishes over and over again. Ugh. I finally said enough is enough and have been a busy cooking bee this week and wanted to share what all I’ve been up to with you.

Check me out…
I’ve jumped into the word for pressure canning! I started off small with just six pints of dried black beans. I plan to do a lot more canning now that I have the hang of it!
Finally put my 23-quart pressure canner to use!
It was so easy!

Next up was this RIDICULOUSLY delicious raw cake! Yup, R-A-W. It’s a dairy-free take on a cheescake and OMG is it amazing! I decided to try the recipe after an old law school buddy of mine recommended it to me on Facebook a few weeks ago. The kids helped me make it and we all loved it! We used strawberries instead of raspberries but you can also make it with chocolate, blueberries, etc. So versatile, healthy and delicious! {it’s raw, dairy-free, glutern-free and vegan}

Raw Cashew Dreamcake – Recipe from Sarah B of MyNewRoots

The kids had no problems eating all their dinner as long as I promised to give them a slice of this dreamcake!

As you may already know I have lost over 60-pounds this past year simply by eating smaller portions of more nutrient-rich foods. No one believes me when I tell them I’ve lost weight eating butter and lard! But it’s true! This year I want to vary my menu a little more by incorporating even more nutrient-rich meals for my little family. So, I have been picking out a few new recipes each week to try from my most favorite cookbook in the world- Nourishing Traditions.  If you’ve never heard of it- check it out! It’s a must-have book in my home not just for the almost 800 healthy recipes but also because of all the information on how to properly prepare foods and nutrition in general. This book helped open my eyes to the current state of our food system and what we are putting in our bodies. It changed the way I eat and prepare food.  I highly recommend it. You can get your own copy of the super huge book by clicking HERE.

Here is one of my favorite recipes from the book– Whole grain crackers. They are cooked in the dehydrator (or oven at 150º F).  The recipe makes a huge batch of crackers for the week. The kids love these with jam, cheese, hummus, avocado, etc. They are quick snack to pack for the road and I know exactly what went into them. 

And another recipe from the Nourishing Traditions book I tried this week- Chicken liver pâté.  Some people may think it’s gross but I grew up eating stuff like this and I love it! We paired the pâté with some homemade crackers and they were a hit! Even my two year daughter was munching them down. YUM!

Did you make plans to eat a little healthier this year?

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  • Lourdes

    Congratulations on your weight loss!!! Definitely going to have to look into that book you mentioned!!
    Can you share where you got your pressure canner size, make model, any info would be helpful. Also please do share more about that professional extra burner. My daughter has showed interest in canning and I would like to get the supplies for her for her birthday. Last summer she borrowed her FIL’s turkey fryer to boil her water outside on her back deck to do the water bath method. Took forever since it was outside. I have never done any canning so I’m at a loss as to what to get for her.


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