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{Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I was NOT paid to write this. I just love them so I wanted to share this info with you so you know there is a family business you can call on for your all your longarm machine service and repairs.}  

If you have a shortarm, midarm or longarm machine and have not heard of Dekk’t Out Quilting Supply I’m here to make your day. My friends, Rosemary & Steve Dekker, run the business and offer quality products with hands-down, the BEST customer service in the industry. They are fellow Floridians who know their stuff and are just genuine good folks.

They travel all over the U.S. right to your home or studio to install, upgrade, repair or service your longarm quilting machines. 

I got to catch up with them at Quilt Festival in Houston a few weeks ago and had a great time chatting and checking out the Dekk’t Out Quilting Supply Upgrade for the longarm I use.  The upgrade is compatible with 19 other quilting machines {scroll down for complete list!} It’s pretty fancy with all kinds of different stitch modes, a front facing laser (for doing pantos from the front), cool new comfy handles, amazing new lighting, a stitch regulator, easy way to tie off stitches, and a ton more stuff!

Me playing on a Voyager 17 with the new DOQS upgrade. Love it!
Steve Dekker explaining the new DOQS upgrade for the Voyager 17 to a customer ( and Crafty Gemini fan!) Cathy Staples. 
Rosemary Dekker and I at Quilt Festival 2013 in Houston.

If you’ve been following my posts for a while you’ve probably seen me using my Voyager 17 longarm quilting (technically, a midarm) machine in some of my video tutorials.  I have the base machine with absolutely no bells and whistles, no stitch regulator, etc. I do all my work free hand or hand guide with some rulers. Well, after test driving the machine with the DOQS upgrade at Festival I’m really thinking of upgrading. We’ll see.

If you need to have your short arm, midarm, or longarm quilting machine serviced, repaired or upgraded give them a call.  This husband and wife couple do it all! They travel all around the country servicing machines, installing upgrades, and even sell and setup Qbot for those of you who want to get into computerized quilting.

If you are looking to upgrade your machine they are running a sale right now on their upgrade system where you can choose from a couple of options:
Option 1: $500 off regular price
Option 2:  Free rear handle electronic setup ($560 value)
 The DOQS upgrade system is compatible with all these machines:
• Tin Lizzie 18, Tin Lizzie 18 S and Tin Lizzie 18 Sitdown
• Ansley 26 and Ansley 26 LS
• Nolting Fun Quilter
• Queen Quilter 18 and Queen Quilter Sitdown
• Janome Artistic 18
• Consew 1709 and Consew 3611
• Crystal Quilter
• Empress Quilter and Empress Sitdown
• Pfaff Mega Quilter 18.8
• Viking Grand Quilter 18×8
• Husqvarna 18×8
• Prodigy Quilters
• Voyager 17
• Handy Quilter

So, yeah… The Dekkers do it all! When you call them, tell them I sent ya’!

Happy quilting!

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