I’m gonna be on TV AGAIN!

This past week I flew out to Colorado for a couple of days to be a gues on the PBS sewing show called Sew It All. It was my second time on the show and I can’t wait for this episode to air next year. If you recall from this post, I was featured on the show and published in the magazine last year. I think this new episode will air sometime in May/June 2014 but I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get details.

I made sure to check the weather before flying in because we all know my Florida wardrobe does not consist of anything made for snow! Luckily it didn’t snow until I was on my plane and headed back home. Phew!

The high was in the 60s and it cooled down into the 40s at night so I had to take a few of my infinity scarves {tutorial HERE} with me. Don’t laugh! That’s a little too chilly for my caribbean blood. HA!

Selfie in my hotel room! Had to rock my scarf in that cool weather.
Getting hair and makeup done for my shoot!
Ready to film my episode. Such a pretty set!
 I’ll let you know as soon as I have more details on the airing date.

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