Sorry it’s been a little quiet around here. I’m up against a ton of deadlines {for very exciting projects!} and have just been trying to do what I can.  There are soooo many new projects and things I’d like to start but can’t do just yet. One of which includes planning what I’m going to do with all the new stuff I bought while in Los Angeles a few weeks ago!

I had to purchase this suitcase for $15 on the streets of L.A. because I bought too much stuff to bring back in my one suitcase! Luckily, this  turned out to be way less expensive than shipping a box home because I still had one more bag I could check for free with the airlines… and I get to reuse the super cute luggage. DOUBLE SCORE!

This suitcase is jam packed full of fabrics and notions… and at this point I can’t even remember what else is in there. I have not dared to unpack it because I don’t want to be tempted to start another project before I’m done with all the stuff I have to do right now. AH!  It’s kinda driving me crazy, though!

What do you think? Should I open it or not yet?
{p.s- Don’t worry. When I do open it I’ll film a haul video so you can see what I got!}

11 replies on “Should I?

  • Sewingfoo

    Open, Open, Open! I mean, you can always close it up again and use it to keep your energy up for completing some of those deadlines. I always lose steam towards the end of a long project; so a little motivation helps!

  • QLT812

    Finish up your projects and then open the bundle of joy and let us in on what you have in mind {^_^}. Awaiting with excitement to know what’s in the case!

  • Anonymous

    $15 seems like a great deal for such a cute suitcase. I’ll bet you had no trouble picking it out on the luggage carousel. I seem to have exactly the same blue suitcase as 90% of the people who fly.
    As someone with no self discipline and the annoying habit of zig-zagging all over the house jumping from one half-finished task to another, I’d say, NO. DON’T OPEN IT. Be sensible and finish your other tasks first. It will only drive you crazy seeing what you unpack. You’ll feel much better about everything if you finish what you’ve started first, do your best on them, then reward yourself with the suitcase reveal.


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