Our first year growing watermelons and it’s a success!
We spotted a total of six growing on the vine and here is the first one we harvested. Not too big but that little ball sure did surprise me when I picked it up.  It weighed 8.5 lbs!
So refreshing and sweet! We grew an heirloom variety called Wilson’s Sweet. 
{Our last name is Wilson so I just had to give it a try!}
 I loooooooooove that I can feed my baby some clean, fresh, homegrown food!
{p.s.- if you like the bean bag she’s sitting on I have a tutorial & free pattern for it! Check it out HERE. }

 Are you growing watermelons this year?

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  • Ary'sMom

    Home grown watermelons are the best (any home grown fruit really). I tried sugar babies 2 years ago, but our growing season is so short we only got 3, but boy were they good.


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