Low Sugar Blueberry Jam- Video Recipe

Now that it’s blueberry picking season here in North Florida I have been busy freezing and canning!  I have picked 31 lbs of blueberries so far and I need to go back for more before my local organic u-pick farm is all out.

The first 9lbs we picked this season!

After posting pictures of my berries and jam jars I received an overwhelming response from people who wanted to learn how to make it themselves.   The responses poured in even more once they found out I use a low sugar recipe!

First batch of blueberry jam!

When we moved to the farm and started researching ways to preserve food I was blown away by the amount of sugar in traditional jam recipes!  No way was I going to add that crazy amount of sugar to jam I would feed my kids. After chatting with a friend last year she mentioned Pomona’s Universal Pectin and how it allows you to make low or no sugar jam recipes because the jelling power of the pectin is activated by calcium instead of the massive amounts of sugar. I was thrilled! I ran to my local health food store and got a box.

This stuff is amazing!  I’ve made several batches of jam since then and I love to tweak each new recipe a bit.

If you are new to canning I definitely recommend you get a book first and read through all the safety precautions. This is the canning book I got and love it! So, I would recommend it to anyone based on my experience.  But there are a ton of other books out there and anything that the canning jar manufacturer puts out is probably going to be a safe bet to get.

If you have been turned off from making jam because of the crazy sugar amounts give this recipe a try!  Pomona’s is all natural, gluten free and vegan pectin that let’s you get the jelling action without much (or any) sweetener. Learn more about it at: www.pomonapectin.com

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Vanessa I love your videos, thanks for sharing. I’ve tried watching your last 3 videos and get no sound is that how they are recorded ????? Thanks

  • Libra V

    You are truly one crafty chick! Hey Vanessa, this is Libra it was a pleasure meeting you at the conference this weekend! I hope you are enjoying LA! I will be gathering all my supply’s for this recipe it looks so dang good! Thanks again for the recipe & being a super fly chick!


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