Victorian Modern Quilt Along- Part 4 (Sashing strips & Cornerstones)

Can you believe my Victorian Modern quilt top is practically finished? We are flying right through this project!  If you are stumbling across this project randomly click HERE to start watching from the beginning of the series.  You can join this quilt along whenever you want!  The videos will be posted indefinitely to my channel so you can make this quilt at your own pace.

This week I’m talking to you about how to make and attach sashing strips and cornerstones to frame out each quilt block. I especially enjoy this technique because it’s a quick and easy way to add a little more size to your finished quilt top without much extra work!

Blocks and sashing on design wall.

The technique I use to attach my sashing strips and cornerstones is a great way to ensure you get sharp points at all the intersections. Instead of sewing together a long row of sashing and cornerstones this technique requires you to sew strips and cornerstones to individual blocks and then sew it all together.  This is great for a few reasons:
1) minimizes the amount of intersections you need to match up in one seam.
2) allows you to sew fewer units at a time when putting it all together.
3) makes sewing up the quilt top more manageable especially for beginners
4) minimizes the length of each seam you need to sew.  The shorter the seams you sew the better
your chances are of matching everything up just right.

Placing sashing strips on design wall.

If you’ve never added sashing to a quilt consider it!  It’s fun, easy and a GREAT way to use up any random leftover blocks you have from other projects.  Sashing is great for scrappy quilt blocks and sampler quilts.

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14 replies on “Victorian Modern Quilt Along- Part 4 (Sashing strips & Cornerstones)

  • beebee

    great tutorial on sashing and corner stones. I do it a little differently but this was is much easier and nicer so I will be trying it soon.
    The last time I changed my blade was about 3 weeks ago and it is time to do it again. I am planning to get a sharpener. Hope it works.
    Love to watch your tutorials and I visit your blog often.
    hugs from Louisiana

    • Linda Lingo

      I found this site by accident! What a great tutorial !! You are very clear on your instructions and your voice is very clear… Soooo amazing !! I have subscribed!! I have listened to tutorials every day. I got to say this is one of the best. Thank you for sharing with us!! I have changed my rotary blade about 2 weeks ago. I cut a lot!
      Thank you again. I am on my way to visit your blog. I’m sure it’s great too!
      A joyful quilter. Linda

  • Halle'

    I’m new to Quilting and luckily found your website!! I really enjoy watching your videos as I think you explain each step very well and don’t rush through each step. Thank you! The Victorian quilt series has been very helpful to me and it makes sense! So now I think I’m ready to start my first quilt! Thank you again for your videos! Now I just have to figure out how to use blogs!!
    Regards from Texas,

  • Leslie

    Vanessa, your tutorials are very detailed, methodical and thorough…thank you!

    The last time I changed my blade on my cutter was 3 weeks ago. I was cutting out some fun fabrics for a Valentine table topper.

  • Chef Tiger

    I’m fairly new to quilting or at least the doing of it myself and have done lots of crazy quilt style blocks and then had my mother who is an experienced patchwork quilter put things together for me.
    Though the premiee quilts I make I have done start to finish on my own.
    I’ll be making a big table in a couple months so that I can do the big quilts myself.
    While surfing one nite, just the beginning of this week, I came across your quilt-a-long and was inspired… a nice easy beginner quilt to just use whatever of my fabrics.
    Well I ended up using the peach and teal fabrics I had set aside to redo my own bedroom. I’ve added 4 more blocks (2 of each style) and will be adding borders around for it to fit a double bed.
    I was thrilled to see the next video today as I’m about to cut the sashing pieces and I love the way you put it all together.
    The last time I changed the blade on the cutter was when I first started to use it. Which was only 4 premiee quilt tops ago. It’s one borrowed from my mother so I’ll have to one day get myself my own.
    Thanks for the sashing info.. I’m off to begin working on putting things all together!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Vanessa, I am new too at quilting and have just found your marvellous video on attaching sashings/cornerstones! I was rapt and you make it look much easier than I thought.
    Am I able to purchase this video? Would be marvellous to have! Thankyou Eleanor

  • Elaine Theriault

    I found this tutorial and it has definitely become my favorite for putting together a sashing quilt! Your instructions are precise and easy to follow. Even now in 2018 people are finding your tutorial and using it! Thank you so much for a great demonstration!


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