Baby Quilt & Owl Softie Video Workshop

The first day of 2013 marked the end of STITCHED 2012 which means I can now offer you my Baby Quilt & Owl Softie class as a stand alone online video workshop.  Last year I had several of you ask about registering for it by itself and I’m glad to announce that it’s finally live and ready for you to register!

Baby Quilt & Owl Plush Toy projects

In this online video workshop I’ll teach you step-by-step how to make both projects shown above.  This would be a great intro to quilting workshop for anyone looking to try their hand at quilting.  It’s a small square quilt measuring approximately 36″ x 36″, that can also be a wall hanging and even a tummy-time mat for any baby!

The other project is a cute and cuddly owl softie. The owl is made using the fabric scraps left over from the quilt yardage. A PDF file is provided and includes the complete owl pattern.  I will also show you how to machine applique the owl’s facial features and a super easy way to stuff the little guy. 

Why you should sign up for this workshop:

• You will receive (via email) a 13-pg PDF document with color images and owl pattern pieces and 4 high-definition (HD) pre-recorded password protected videos.
• Step-by-step instructions on how to cut all of the fabric pieces needed, pinning, marking, cutting and sewing are demonstrated for both projects.
NO machine quilting skills required, NO fancy longarm machines, and NO having to pay a professional quilter. You can make the entire quilt yourself!  
• NO fussing with binding.
• I’m available via email to answer any class questions you may have. 
• You will have access to the video workshop indefinitely.  The video lessons don’t expire and you can watch them whenever you want.  
If you enjoy my video tutorials then you know what you will be getting in this step-by-step video workshop. This is the perfect starter project for a complete beginner, too. Think of your loved ones who are maybe just learning to sew and want to try their hand at a quilt- this would be a great gift! 
Feel free to share this info with your family and crafty friends. 


We call him Ollie the Owl. So cute and so easy to whip up!
 Easy peasy quilt even for first-time quilters!
Owl plush toy

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below and I’ll answer them as soon as I can! Thanks!

2 replies on “Baby Quilt & Owl Softie Video Workshop

  • Kathy Kumler

    Just had a question about the baby blanket. I wondered if the embroidery ties would be a problem with a baby chewing and biting on them? What do you think?

    Thank you for your GREAT videos. You do an excellent job of explaining everything in detail and since I’m a newby that is really helpful! They are the best I’ve ever seen. THANK YOU!

  • Vanessa Wilson

    Hi Kathy! I actually prefer the embroidery thread to anything else when hand tying a baby quilt. When my daughter was a baby she would pick at them with her hands and occassionally try to put her mouth on it but because the threads separate and don’t pull easily I had no real concern. You can always clip the knots shorter as to not leave any tales. I just wouldn’t recommend adding anything that may be a choking hazard- buttons, beads, etc. Hope that helps! And I’m glad to hear you enjoy my tutorials. :o)


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