Longarm Quilting- Using micro handles

Lately, I’ve been spending more time with Janoris, my longarm machine. I love being able to quilt my own quilts. I remember the days of taking my quilts to a longarmer way back when. I was a law school student and struggled to save up funds every time I needed a quilt quilted. Thank goodness those days are long gone!

Janoris, my longarm

I’m always experimenting with free motion quilting designs because my machine does not have a stitch regulator or any fancy computerized devices or programs and I’ve never done a pantograph before.  It’s just me and a big industrial sewing machine getting all the quilting done at my own pace…. and I like it that way!

This week I’ve uploaded a longarming video for you showing why and how I use micro handles to do the more high density quilting designs especially when quilting in small spaces. I got my micro handles a few years ago from Leslie & Curt at Finishing Touches Quilting Studio. Curt makes the handles himself and they carry them for different midarm and longarm machines- Voyager 17, Bailey, Indigo, Juki, Nolting Fun Quilter, etc. Check them out for your midarm or longarming accessories & notions. She is an online quilting buddy of mine who recently opened up a store front in West Virginia but maintains an online shop as well.

Voyager 17 micro handles

I love my micro handles and I love that I can leave them on my machine all the time and just flip them down when I need them. Here is the video on how they work and I’ll show you a few designs I can do easily with my micro handles.

Click HERE to watch the video.

Happy quilting!

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