Spilling the beans & Giveaway Winner announced!

If you follow me on Facebook then you probably already know that I was in Colorado earlier this week for an awesome opportunity.  I can finally spill the beans!  I was shooting an episode of Sew It All with Ellen March! If you don’t know what that means…. well, I’m gonna be on TV! Yippee!

Unfortunately, my local PBS station doesn’t air the show but I’m going to get my hands on the DVD series once they come out sometime next summer.  For those of you that do catch the show I think my episode will air sometime in the Spring but as soon as I have exact dates I will let you know. 

On the set of Sew It All TV!

The trip got even better! I had no flight delays or issues. The hotel room was huge and my shuttle driver even gave me a free voucher for $10 towards a meal at any airport restaurant. But it got better!  As I’m sitting in the shuttle on the way to the hotel I notice the girl sitting in front of me opens up a folder and I immediately see in huge letters the words “Sew It All.” Being my usual nosey friendly self I tap her on the shoulder and ask her if she is also a guest on the show, etc.  Next thing I know we spent the entire 1.5 hours on the shuttle talking about everything from kids to fabric and all out crazy ventures in between.  You wanna know who she was?! ummm…. Rashida Coleman-Hale of the i heart linen blog. Don’t know who she is? Well, how about the author of this amazing book! She has done it all.  Fabric collections, another book, and has had her work published in multiple magazines. 

Click for more info on book

And would you believe I met another famous quilter?!  You may remember her from the tv show America Sews with….. yea, Sue Hausmann! I wish I would have had more time to take a picture with Sue but my shuttle was waiting to take me back to the airport so I had to run out the door as soon my segment was done. We did get to chat for a good long while on the way to the studio so that was fun.  She is such a darling! 

I’m back home now and with so much going on I almost forgot to post the winner of the latest Boho Shoulder Bag Giveaway.  Without further a do….


A big thanks to all who entered and to my buddy Jen at SewFun for giving us such a great pattern for the giveaway.  You can always buy the e-pattern version of this bag at Jen’s online shop right HERE.


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