Longarm Quilting- Ruler Work Accessories: Stitch-in-the-Ditch & Free Motion quilting

If you are planning to do any kind of ruler work on your longarm quilting machine, then I have made a video just for you. I have been longarm quilting with my voyager17. In this video, I will work on a quilt that I made with 12 different blocks. Additionally, I will show you other accessories that you will need if you plan on doing ruler works. The first is an extension table. Basically, it widens the base of the machine. Next is the hopping/ruler foot. It is different from the presser foot that came with the machine. This one is designed to smoothly glide on the stitch in the ditch ruler while quilting. Also, it has a scoop-like feature to let you see where you are quilting next. 

Moreover, I will show you how to do a stitch in the ditch freehand then stitch in the ditch while using the ruler for more accuracy. You will see how the ruler works together with the machine’s ruler foot. Then, I will stitch some freehand loops on the outer border of my quilt. 

If you need accessories for your short-arm, midarm, and longarm machines or you are simply looking for a machine, then check out my friends at Leslie & Curt at Finishing Touches Quilting Studio. They surely got whatever you need to get started quilting may it be as a hobby or a business. 

Btw, you too can make the beautiful quilt I have in this video. Just go through my video playlist where you can find a step by step tutorial. It includes all details from making all the blocks, sashing them, and sew it all up together to finishing the quilt. 

For the accessories, you need for your longarm quilting, grab your Stitch in the Ditch ruler HERE. And find the voyager 17 hopping/ruler foot HERE

Here my video tutorial for Stich in the ditch and free motion quilting using my longarm machine. 

Happy Quilting!

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