Hypernoodle Fabrics for Overactive Minds

Please join me in welcoming a new blog sponsor- Hypernoodle Fabrics!

Hypernoodle: overactive mind

As soon as I saw the logo for Michelle’s online shop I knew I could relate! Maybe it’s the Gemini in me?!  Her fun and whimsical logo (yea, that’s a wet lasagna noodle!) automatically let’s you know this is not your ordinary online fabric shop! 

Say hello to beautiful, bright, fun and funky fabrics!
The Hypernoodle story:
Michelle opened up shop in 2008.  She was previously an employee at a quilt shop that only carried dated and not very colorful fabrics. She tried (unsuccessfully!) to convince the shop owner to carry more modern, colorful, funky fabrics for a different aesthetic… but the owner was not trying to hear that! 
So, Michelle left with the itch to open a shop where crafty minds could find colorful, fresh, modern prints.  According to Michelle, it was very much a desire to offer fabrics for the next generation of crafty minds. 
The shop’s unique name attracts lots of crafty people who identify with being a “Hypernoodle” (like me!) Anyone who has more than 2 projects going at a given time is a Hypernoodle! Anyone who has more than 1 idea in their mind brewing about projects they want to start is also a Hypernoodle!  Ok, so…. that’s all of us!
Michelle is trying to cater to the needs of all the Hypernoodle‘s out there offering “fabric finds for overactive minds”.

Anne Kelle Urban  Zoologie Kitty in Spring
In addition to fun & fresh prints, they offer every colorway of Ta-Dot prints that Michael Miller carries and a great selection of other fillers as we know that blenders are at times just as important than the main print.
She also offers duos and trios of fabrics paired on our website for inspiration. Michelle knows not all crafty minds quilt, so for those that only need fabrics paired up, this works wonderfully for them. For those that do quilt, her duos and trios are great “jumping off” points!
I invite you to click HERE to head over to Hypernoodle Fabrics and check her out. There is no shortage of color anywhere on her website and it’s so much fun to look at beautiful fabrics! 
Michelle also has another online shop called Hypernoodle Handmade where she sells her beautiful handmade crafts. Look at this wristlet pouch. She designs, cuts and constructs every piece herself…. umm, yeah. Love it!  Jump over to her shop and perhaps get a head start on your holiday shopping?
A big thanks to Hypernoodle Fabrics for sponsoring this blog!  And thank YOU for continuing to support my sponsors. 
Stay tuned for a Hypernoodle Fabric giveaway coming soon!

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