Thrift Store Basket Remix

I’ve been working hard getting my sewing studio exactly the way I want.  Not only aesthetically but functionally as well.  You already saw how I took a rusty old rack and turned it into fabric storage.  Well, with the new (to me) table I scored this past weekend I was also in need of some more sewing supplies storage.

Here is what I picked up at a thrift store for the absolutely ridiculous price of 10 cents.  Yes, I’m serious. Like $0.10 US. You can’t even buy a piece of candy for that amount these days! Isn’t it cute? This little basket has the potential to be so many things just as it is. But I wanted to give it a little splash of me!

All it took was a little wiping down with a damp cloth to get rid of the dirt and dusties. Then let it air dry a few minutes.

A few sprays with this little guy (the color says Satin Aqua in case you can’t see it too good) and…

An instant cutter caddy for my worktable. I absolutely love it!  I thought about painting it red but then I figured since the studio walls are a similar color and my new caddy wasn’t going to be displayed up against the walls it would be nice to add another little pop of aqua to the space.

I did the same thing to a little wooden tool box my mom picked up for me a while ago. It was a dark green before and I think she paid $1.00 for that one.  I painted it a glossy red a few months ago (used same spray can as this).  It holds all my rulers right where I need them.  Note: This is another studio progress sneak peek just for you! It’s coming along so nicely. I’m almost done.

I’m happy with my cheap vintage finds and they add so much character and color to my creative space. Hope you find some inspiration in this post to help you do something similar where you may need it.

I’d love some pins!

5 replies on “Thrift Store Basket Remix

  • Ann

    First, thanks for the quilt-a-long! I learned so much and you’ve enabled me to become more confident in my abilities.
    Second, thanks for sharing your life with us. It’s nice to know something about who I’m following.
    My admiration for the way you are ALWAYS positive and supporting. Even when altering thrift store finds you NEVER insult anyone with negative remarks, as I find some others do, about their style or choices. This frees me to feel safe in showing you my work!
    I’m looking forward to more of your tutorials!

  • Anonymous

    I want to thank you for all your tutorials. I love you and your beautiful family. Lots of luck in all your upcoming projects. Thanks for your latest tutorial “Squaring off Your Quilt”.

  • gmp

    Your studio is looking pretty fabulous! Jealous!!
    I love the aqua and red caddies. They work perfectly in your new space. I can’t wait to see the tour that you are planning for us!


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