Backing, Basting & Quilting your quilt

Are you currently working on a Quilt project? Then, join me in today’s video which I would like to call getting ready to quilt with me. I will show you the project that I am currently working on. I just finished sashing the quilt blocks. Now for the next step, try to make the corners of the quilt as square as it could get. However, take note that if there’s a need to trim it, then you can only do so after everything is quilted. 

To begin with, I am going to show you how to make a quilt sandwich. First, the backing fabric should be bigger than your quilt. In making the quilt sandwich, lay down the backing fabric with the pretty side facing down. Then, place the batting fabric over and lastly the quilt top. What you will need to do next is to baste these 3 fabrics. You can either do safety pin basting or spray basting.

On the other hand, I will be using a longarm quilting machine so I don’t need to baste the fabrics. The machine on the rollers will take care of it. Afterward, I can finally quilt everything using my long arm machine. Also, you can hand-tie the quilt using a large needle and some embroidery floss. Another option is quilting using the sewing machine.

Meanwhile, I will show you a project where I did the quilting on my sewing machine and another one where I used my long arm machine. Longarm machines vary from computerized designs to working on your quilt through hand guided designs. 

Finally, here’s my video tutorial on the backing, types of basting, and ways of quilting your quilt. I hope you enjoy it!

I will share with you some of my favorite quilt batting to use.  

Happy Quilting!

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