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As you probably know by now from watching this video update … I finally finished my studio! Well, I still have to put the trim on but I can always do that after I’m all moved in.  I’m just super anxious to get all my stuff situated so I can really get to work.

One of the things I want to do is build most of the furniture pieces for the studio. Insane? I know. Like I have time to do anything else.  I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t keep piling up new projects on my plate! Here is the first one I’ve finished a new cutting table!

I built this at the peak of my “nesting” phase when I was pregnant with DD last Fall.  It took me 2.5 hours to cut the 2 x 4s and put the whole thing together…. and did I mention I was 40 weeks pregnant when I made this… HA! My husband kept telling me to go to bed and put the circular saw away.  He was afraid the neighbors would call the police since (at the time) we lived in a gated townhouse community…and it was 11:00pm when I decided to tackle this project. I think back to that night and I can’t help but laugh. I was so determined to get it finished I didn’t care about anything else. I was determined but not insane… I did make sure to wear all my safety gear.

This was my first time using a circular saw and I literally screamed when I flipped the table down on it’s legs and it was level! Not bad for a newbie.  Now I want to build everything! Since then I’ve been bookmarking dozens of Ana White woodworking plans. If you don’t know about her, check her out.

The plan for this table is from the Kreg Tool website. To access the full plan you need to register (for free) on their site and then go HERE and then look for the project plan for the “2 x 4 Workbench.” Once you access the plan it will tell you exactly what you need to complete the project. It’s made with 2 x 4s and sheets of MDF for the bottom shelf and top. I bought the Kreg Jig Master system kit to build this workbench and it is very well worth it.  If that price is out of your range check out the smaller versions of it that you can get.  I’ve read blogs where others have used them with the same success and some even prefer it for the portability.

My table finished at 24″ wide x 48″ long (the MDF panel is cut 2′ x 4′) x 35″ tall.  The plan calls for two layers of the MDF for the top because it was designed to be a woodworking workbench but mine won’t exactly get that kind of wear and tear so I decided on just the one. It’s just the right size for my quilting needs and the occasional garment making, mostly for my kids.

I just recently finished painting it white with red polka dots.  Decided on a red top and dots to contrast the wall color in the studio and match my red accents.

Woodworking is my new thing and my husband quickly figured out he’d better take advantage of having a wife who wants to build stuff… so here’s what I got for Valentine’s Day this year! Yea, he’s a keeper!

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