Block #3- Video Quilt Along-Mr. Roosevelt’s Necktie Block

What a busy week!  I flew to Boston on Tuesday to speak at the Massachusetts Conference for Women’s Spark & Hustle Small Business Boot Camp and came right back on Wednesday… after two flight delays on the return trip I still had to drive 1 hour to get home from the airport.  So, I pull up to our driveway at 1:30am and guess what I see? Two wild rabbits hopping away from my garden!  I tried to prepare myself for the damage I would find in the morning but it was actually no big deal.  They only ate the tops off a few of my beets. Phew! But I guess rabbits gotta eat too, right?

I’m glad I was able to get to my weekly tutorial with no problems and I’m actually posting it a little early on this Sunday night instead of Monday. Yay me! Here is Block #3 of my Video Quilt AlongMr. Roosevelt’s Necktie.  This is a super cute and easy block to whip up.  It was apparently named after FDR who often wore bowties.  When it’s made using only two contrasting fabrics I think it looks more like a doggy bone than a bowtie.  Hmmm… this would make a really cute doggy quilt don’t you think?

 So far we have covered 3 of the 12 blocks! There is still plenty of time to join the fun! 
Click HERE to start from the beginning of the quilt along.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial!  If you don’t have time to join the quilt along just yet, no worries.  All the videos for each block in the entire quilt along will be posted to this video playlist indefinitely! So, feel free to join whenever you want. 

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