Charlie Bag Tutorial- Video Audition

Hi everybody. This is my entry for a video audition which is the Charlie Bag tutorial. This charlie bag is reusable and environmentally friendly. Moreover, it is easy to sew and all you need is your pattern. 

These are the steps on how to make a charlie bag. Cut out the fabric pieces needed from your pattern. Then, stitch the ends of your fabric to get rid of raw edges. There are two ways you can do this, either by using the serger or the regular sewing machine through zigzag stitches.

To create the handles I put them together and I straight stitch with a ⅝ seam allowance. After that, I open the seam allowance and apply another straight stitch. Now, to assemble the pouch, just follow the marking on your pattern. Fold on the shorter side and fold over the long side. Then, stitch the two short sides.

Next, putting all together the fabric pieces to create the charlie bag. Lay one fabric piece pretty side facing up and place over another fabric piece pretty side facing down. Then, match up all three straight edges. Lastly, place the pouch where your pattern says but in such a way that the opening is facing the center of the bag. Then, stitch everything in place with a ⅝ seam allowance.

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