What a busy week!  I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever (only been a week in reality).  I am working on some new quilt patterns, quilting for customers, Halloween, and trying to get all my school stuff caught up because we leave for vacation on Saturday!

Here is the latest quilt on my frame…
Quilting this batik french braid quilt for a customer.
 If any of you longarm quilts for customers you know its tough to get a perfectly flat quilt when the piecing and borders aren’t exact.  It’s a challenge.  But like I tell my customers, I will do the best I can!
Sometimes we have to get creative and take strategic pleats in places where they won’t be noticed as much or ease in the puckering as best as possible.
In the end they always turn out beautiful so, it’s worth it!
…and I want to share my progress with you all..
Check out my free-handed stitching in the ditch!! AH! I’m getting so much better!
No rulers, templates, guides, etc.  Just me an Janoris (my machine) stitching away!
Halloween creeped up on me this year and by the time I realized what day it was it was too late!  Then at the last second (literally) we decided to take Jonathan trick-or-treating … he had no costume.
I told my hubby to finish feeding the baby and I went to my sewing room.  Ten minutes later here is what I came up with…
 My little wizard! I’ll admit it was (very) cheap for a costume but it was a last minute solution.  I promised him I would put more time and effort into it next year.  I was happy with the candy bag I made though.
I’ll try to blog once more this week before I leave on my vacation…. see you then!
p.s.- need any new fabric?  notions?  or other quilty goodies?
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  • Andrea M

    So jealous that your son can go shirtless on Halloween. We about froze our patooties off this year. It was cold, dark, and dumping rain. Our church does a “trunk or treat”. We all park in the parking lot, open our trunks, and give out candy there. It lasts about 30 minutes. I always give out hot chocolate to the adults. I went through 5 gallons of hot chocolate, and 6 bottles of the squirting whip cream. Truly it is so much fun to hand out that hot chocolate. It is my treat to the parents.


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