Like many of you, I’m working on several different projects at once.  When these projects are all big quilts I usually need a break to work on a smaller project- a mini quilt.  Mini quilts can be defined as many different things but I refer to them as “minis” if they are too small to be used functionally.  So, basically any little quilt that I would display on a wall or on a desk somewhere.

I love mini quilts because the simple ones can literally be completed (yes, binding and all) in less than an hour!  Talk about instant gratification!  Here is my latest mini- an abstract quilt I call “Primary Puffs.”

I love working with primary colors and black and white whenever I can.  I ♥ the bold results

This was so simple to make.  I chose four fabrics that had some circle/dot print and sewed random width strips together.  The two red puffs are made with my puffy applique technique.  It’s kinda like trapunto… but not really.  I hand appliqued them on to the finished quilt.

You can see how the red puffs add dimension to the mini quilt.  I really like the effect.
Now to the quilting…..
I used a pale yellow poly thread I found on eBay for $1.  That’s not a typo.  I really paid $1 for a 5,500 yd cone of thread….(more on this in a bit.)
I love how the yellow pops on the black and white fabrics.  Another reason I love mini quilts is that they are a small canvas to experiment with your free-motion quilting designs.  I used a different design on each strip.
Now about that $1 cone of thread.  It sounds insane, I know!  Leslie, an online group quilting buddy of mine, recently sent out a link to this eBay shop she buys quilting thread from.  After seeing some of the gorgeous work she did with the cheap thread… I had to buy some even if it was just to try it!
SewingThreadsRUS is the eBay shop.  The thread is the Signature Poly.  It’s made by A&E- American & Efird. It is considered embroidery thread but we use it for quilting and it stitches like butter!  It has a matte-like sheen that adds more texture than plain ol’ cotton quilting thread.
My confession:
Initially, I ordered 10 cones + shipping = ~$18
(Had to place a second order after I tried it out on my Primary Puffs mini quilt.)
Second order: 20 cones= ~$30.
Can you believe it?!  30 CONES (not spools) of quilting thread for <$50!
If you are looking for suuuuuper affordable and good quality thread give them a try.
p.s.- Here is a quick comparison so you can get a better feel for exactly how big a 5,500 yd cone is. The cone on the left is the Signature Poly I bought and the itty bitty one on the right is a standard 250 yd spool from Coats & Clark.
Happy Quilting!

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