I don’t really know how this all started but I have new obsession with Dresden Plate blocks!  Weird, eh? A very traditional block for a very non-traditional quilter.

Even though I am obsessed with a traditional block that does not mean I have to keep the fabrics traditional.  You know me and my bright colors….. I absolutely adore this little 9″ block and I can’t wait to make 10 more with the blades I cut out.  Can you believe I can get 22 blades out of one 5″ x WOF(width of fabric) strip of fabric!? Insane.  So with less than 1/4 yd of 6 different fabrics I can make 11 Dresden Plates to applique on a foundation fabric.  I used a 30-degree triangle ruler to makes the blades.  There are several other tools and templates out there to help you make this block.  But it’s not necessary.  You can make these with your own homemade template too.

Tell me… do you love Dresden Plates, too? If so, what template, ruler, kit, do you use?  I am dying to know.  Everyone around me seems to think I’m crazy for making these. They are sooooooo easy!  I think I love this block because it combines piecing and applique into one fun block.  Hmmm….if you’ve never made a Dresden Plate block are willing to try?  Maybe I can whip up a tutorial…

5 replies on “My new obsession

  • June ([email protected])

    I love Dresden Plates. I have an easy template by Darlene Zimmerman that I really want to try, but I haven’t yet. My dream quilt would be one of Dresden’s Plates. And for fabric’s it would be all 30’s Repro. Maybe if I can see some of the things that you do, just maybe it will get me to do MY dream quilt. Yes,Yes,Yes I would love to see a tutorial maybe that will teach me everything I need to know.

    Thanks & BIG hugs

  • Laurie

    I love Dresden Plate as well, and have been contemplating starting one. I am glad you mentioned the fabric yield, I can certainly do this with my stash instead of buying more fabric. I have a pre-made template that I am going to use.
    I have been working on a serger quilt for my son, and as soon as it is done, I am going to start my Dresden plate. You have encouraged me!

  • paulette

    I LOVE the Dresden Plate…so much that I ordered the Dresden die from Accuquilt!! I will let you know how it works out…once I receive it!!
    Love your DPs -stunning!!

  • Crafty Gemini

    Laurie: Dresden plates are great stash busters! Especially if you want a scrappy plate you can make each blade out a different fabric and from each strip there is hardly any waste at all! Stay tuned for the tutorial.


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