Quilted Drink Coasters Tutorial

Many of you are probably interested in sewing and not quilting… for whatever reason.  But today I need you to open up your mind, eyes, and ears and listen to me when I yell “YOU CAN QUILT!”  It’s really not that crazy of an idea.  No matter how difficult or time consuming you think quilting is I am challenging you to watch my video tutorial on quilting basics and to try out my quilted coasters project made out of two half-square triangle blocks units. Keep reading for the tutorial. To be a quilter you don’t have to hand piece and hand quilt a California king size quilt.  Many quilters just make smaller quilted projects like bags or wall hangings.

Look at me… I’m a quilter and because I don’t have time to make huge quilts I satisfy my urge by making mini quilts.  And by mini I do mean mini.  Most of my minis are smaller than 15″ x 15″.   Those can be whipped up in no time.   Well, in a few hours… but that is considered “no time” when you compare it to a quilt you’ve been working on for 8+ years.  Don’t laugh… I know quilters who are in that situation.

So, whether you know how to sew or not…even if you are the most beginner of all beginners…. go ahead and tackle these quilted coasters as your first quilting project!  You will see there is not much to it… it is do-able and fun!….and who knows maybe you’ll fall in love and become one of those hand-piecing-hand-quilting-California-king-size-quilt-makers!

I’m in a happy mood today because two of my tutorials were featured on Craft Gossip! What does that mean for you?…. that means you get a giveaway!
One of you lucky ducks will win this set of 4 pieced pinwheel coasters I made out of some vintage fabric I had in my stash.

You can enter in three different ways:
1) become a facebook fan
2) Follow me on Twitter
3) Follow this blog

Once you do any or all of these things drop me a comment here and let me know which ones you did. Each one you do will give you another opportunity to win!

Giveaway ends Friday, April 30, 2010.  Please leave your email in your comment if you do not have a way for me to contact you.  Winner will be announced on May 1st.

{p.s.- I have another giveaway running until the end of April,too.}

Happy quilting!

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