New Sponsor and New Fabric

Please help me welcome a new sponsor- Quilting Lodge!


The team behind this great online store is a mother and daughter quilting duo who carry an amazing selection of fabrics, notions, quilting software, and tons of other sewing & quilting related goodies!  Did I mention they carry fabric?…  as in really great quality designer fabrics at the most affordable prices I’ve found!

Check out the newest Timeless Treasures fabric they have in stock right now!!

Wondering how I found them?… eBay! After just one purchase from them I was hooked!  Let me tell you about their customer service…. it is ridiculous!  The fastest shipping ever.  I literally placed an order, paid for it and within 1 hour Vicki from Quilting Lodge emailed me to let me know it had already shipped! I could hardly believe it.  Then, when I received the package only 2 days later they even included a fat quarter in my packaging as a token of appreciation for giving them my business…. a fat quarter?! Are you serious?! Who do you know that gives away fabric like that for FREE? Even my husband said he wished all businesses were like the amazing women behind Quilting Lodge.

I know its tough in the days of internet shopping to actually feel some kind of human interaction with whoever you are buying from.  But if you make a purchase from the Quilting Lodge you will see what I mean.  The connection is there. That genuine concern to make every transaction as smooth and satisfying for the customer as possible.  I am really glad I found Quilting Lodge… and I bet you will too.

The Quilting Lodge’s eBay store is up and running and will be launching a website very soon. Go look at their inventory… gotta love those prices!… oh yea, and their shipping rates are VERY reasonable.  They don’t try to overcharge you there either.

We are currently seeking other sponsors for our blog & website.  To learn more about our current sponsorship opportunities click on the Sponsor link.

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