Yipee!  I found a real simple tutorial online that showed me how to post the html code for my own customized Crafty Gemini button!

I created the button myself using Photoshop 7.0 and then saved it to my Photobucket account so it would have an internet location that is accessible to everyone and…. voila! Peep my new Crafty Gemini button! It’s plain and simple and I love it!  Feel free to copy the html code and add it to your blog if you’d like!

If you have a blog check out the tutorial and add your own button to your page. To create your button you can create any picture you want using a paint program, photoshop, or even just use a picture with some text over it.  Whatever you want will work… after all, it is YOUR button!

3 replies on “Grab my button!

  • rachel

    Congrats it is very cute!! I made one today too, I didnt actually creat my own button with photoshop or anything but I did get one on my site. It took me forever!! I could not figure it out lol! But I will post your button on my site.

  • Crafty Gemini

    Hey Rachel! Thanks for posting my button on your site. I actually just added a page to my blog for “Blogs I Follow.” I went to add your button and it shows up fine except when you click on the button it sends you to your photobucket page instead of your blog. Check out the tutorial I posted to make sure your code is correct and it will link people to your blog when they click it. :o)

  • SBA

    Thanks for mentioning my tutorial. I’m glad you found it easy. Attractive button! You might want to change ‘alt=”BWS tips button”‘ to something you might want to do a Google search on — tells you who has grabbed your button. If you search on my alt tag you’ll see lots of other bloggers who left in my tag! See the image map in my sidebar for articles on tracking your button or making dynamic changes — use it like a billboard!


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