My patchwork tattoo!

My husband and I have been plotting and designing our new tattoos and while he knew exactly what he wanted to get I was bouncing all around…. as if I’m not already a scatter-brain. What I did know was that I wanted something that would be a tribute to the craft I love sew so much- Quilting!

I began designing little whimsical-looking sewing machines, then a pin cushion with a spool of thread, then a sewing machine with some patchwork under the presser foot, to finally—> a 4-patch with some quilting around the perimeter a needle, thread and a button. I love buttons! Don’t believe me? Check this out.

My husband and I get our tattoos at Anthem Tattoo in Gainesville, FL. “Little Mike” hooks it up whenever we go by. ::smile:: The design is custom-made and I love it! I took in 4-patch block of fabrics that incorporate a bright and young color palette of yellow, turquoise, red, and purple and a button and Mike did the rest.

I am very pleased with the outcome and can’t wait to go back for the second round of color so it can be even more vibrant. Do you have a tattoo honoring your craft? If so, what is it? Please comment. I love to hear from my readers! Wanna see more sewing/quilting related tattoos? Check out this Flickr group I’m a member of.

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