I am a member of a group on CafeMom called Sewing Diaper Divas, where we do what? Can you guess??

Discuss anything “sewing cloth diapers” related—-duh! And guess what else we do!—- SWAPS, SWAPS, and more swaps! woo-hoo! My favorite!

Every month there is a different swap theme and this month’s was: “The Luck of the Irish.” If you have never made a cloth diaper, you are slacking! They are addictive and so much fun to make. I sure hope my swap partner in Ohio likes the one I made for here baby boy! But most importantly… I hope it fits him!

I started off deciding how I wanted to incorporate the “Luck of the Irish” theme on a diaper for a baby boy.My brainstorming went a little bit like this:
Luck of the Irish= St. Patrick’s day= Leprechaun= Green= Clovers!(this is where the little light bulb above my head clicks on!)

here’s what I did:
– drew 4-leaf clovers on the paper side of paper-backed fusible webbing and ironed it on to the “wrong” side of my green fleece. Then cut them out.
-peeled the paper off and ironed clovers (adhesive side down) onto the “right” side of my dark gray fleece. Straight stitch around appliqued clovers.

-Finished making my diaper and……………… TA DA!!

I am very pleased with the way this fleece pocket diaper turned out. Don’t you love working with fleece? I do! It’s breathable yet repels water and my favorite part—- it doesn’t fray!!

Have you worked on any fleece related projects lately? Let me know… I love to hear from you!

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