Friendship Bag Swap!

Friendship Bag Swap

I am so excited! I just signed up for my first ever quilting related swap! Even though I am busy working and getting ready for our first baby’s arrival anytime during the next few weeks… I still want to make sure that I am fitting in my designated sewing/quilting time!!! I registered for the swap through the Quilting Gallery Blog.

The Friendship Bag pattern we will be using is super simple and the bag is not time consuming either! Check out a free tutorial posted by Rachel in her blog, “p.s. i quiltfriendship bag tutorial.

If you’re interested in joining click here for all the details and information: guidelines

Here are some pictures of the friendship bag I’m making for whoever I get matched up with! It was soooo simple to make! These are my favorite colors! I quilted it using a free motion stippling design.

2 replies on “Friendship Bag Swap!

  • Sundar Koyal

    Love your bag! Just wondering if it is bigger than the tutorial I saw on p.s. i quilt website. Her tutorial is great… I am just looking for a bit bigger bag size and trying to figure out how to go about doing it, so i am wondering what the final size of your bag was.


  • Laurie

    Vanessa….drinking coffee and reading some of your first blog posts….just wanted to remind you you are the GREATEST….and I just love ya!!!!!


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