Baby’s first wetbag!!!

Here is a little wetbag I made today for the baby my DH and I are expecting in a few months!

I quilted the entire bag using 100% cotton batting in between the cotton fabric layers and included a clear vinyl layer on the inside for the waterproof part of the wetbag!

Since I plan to use cloth diapers I wanted to make a wetbag for days out on the town so that we can throw the soiled cloth diapers, cloth wipes, etc.

I’m excited! I love this fabric and I think it came out super cute!

I even filled the clear vinyl lining with 4 cups of water to see how much moisture would leak out if any… and it only dripped a very tiny bit through the bottom two corners!… which was surprising given that I had sewn down the sides of the vinyl and I expected the needle holes to leak a lot more… especially since I had basically filled half the bag with water!!! I am very proud of this wetbag and very pleased with how functional it is!

The closure I used is Touchtape which is a stronger version of regular Velcro which I also use on the cloth diapers I have made for the baby.

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