Baby Quilts!! My favorite thing to make!

So, here are a few pictures of some of the baby quilts I’ve made for gifts in the last year or so… I especially enjoy making baby quilts because:

  1. I love babies! (don’t have any yet but I definitely want a lot of them!)
  2. The quilts are a lot smaller than regular lap sized or larger quilts
  3. they are quick and easy to do! (for the most part)
  4. I can make the entire quilt from start to finish in a few days usually since I can quilt it on my regular sewing machine myself and I don’t have to send it off to a professional quilter.
  5. did I mention…..I love babies!

Feel free to tell me what you think of these quilts or if you have any questions regarding technique or how I did something to the quilt feel free to email me, I’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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