Sew Hungry Hippie Zippers by the Yard BW Big Stripe


We now carry SewHungryHippie Zippers by the yard and pulls!

BW Big Stripe & Rainbow Zipper #5 size / 5mm size. This pack includes 3 yards of black and white big stripes- they are wider than the other striped zippers and they are offset, + 9 RAINBOW teeth & pulls.

3 yards/ 9 pulls / #5 handbag zipper by the yard

Zipper tape is easy to sew and cut, the teeth are metal-look but are actually nylon. This set is #5 handbag zipper set for bag making.

You will need to put the pulls on after you cut your zipper to the desired length they do not come installed like close ended zippers. You get to customize your zipper projects with zippers by the yard!

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