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Video #3

It’s almost time!! Watch the video above to see all 5 handbags I will teach you how to make in my new video bag of the month club!


Video #2

I’m back with another fun bag making video just as promised! In this video I tell you a little more about my new Video Bag of the Month Club. I also show you my fool proof way to make and install an adjustable shoulder strap! I share another bag design with you-  my Kelley Crossbody Bag.  It is one of my favorites from my new bag club! So many pockets and can be worn over the shoulder or as a cross body bag! More details coming soon!

If you have friends who want to enter the world of handbag making feel free to share this page with them. If you missed the first video, you can watch it below!



Hi there!

If you’re on this page it’s probably because you are interested in more info on my NEW video-based Bag of the Month Club! We are almost ready to open it for registration but wanted to give you an update in the mean time and offer you a FREE tutorial that will come in handy whenever you want to add an inset or recessed zipper to a tote bag project. Watch the video above and be sure to stay tuned for the next video where I will give you another bag sneak peek! Now, I’m of to work on this project to get it ready to go! More coming soon!

P.S.- Feel free to share this post with anyone you think will be interested in this new bag of the month Club.

{If you are new to this page and have not added your email address to the Video Bag of the Month Club e-newsletter list be sure to add it HERE so you don’t miss out on any upcoming details:}

215 replies on “Crafty Gemini Video Bag of the Month Club

  • Janice Dinse

    Great video, I am super excited to get started! You make everything look so easy. I have confidence I can do this.

    • Cheryl Littmann

      I’m super stoked, only one comment so far, slow down Vanessa. You are such a good teacher, that you forget you are at high gear, some of us are just a little more layed back. I think I will be enjoying this club for sure. I definitely love bags and purses, and hoping you show me some new tricks.

        • sewcraftytoni

          Please DON’T slow down! i get so frustrated by the instructors who go slow. You can control the pace by stopping the video and replaying but it’s harder to fast forward when someone is going slow.

      • Donna C

        i understand your point, for me though, I love Vanessa’s high energy and feel inspired by it.

        Also, her enunciation is impeccable! Bravo Vanessa!

        The beauty of video…just rewind it. ????????????

    • Ester aguirre

      You inspire me to continue on trying new projects and impress my friends on how good you make me look and build my confidence

      • Zona

        Marilyn glad you are going to try, me too I am 83. I live in Australia. I do like watching Vanessa, and over the years I have made many of her projects and enjoyed every one. Congratulations girl don’t let mean or negative comments throw you Vanessa I am along with others happy to be a part of your exciting class.

    • Kimberlee

      I can’t believe that you think you are the ONLY person that makes step by step videos. All you do is brag “ME”, “ME”, “ME”, “I”, “I”, “I”, my teaching style. I’m glad that you are so impressed by yourself but it gets boring. Also, slow down.

        • GrandmasBeans

          No need to be snippy. Vanessa is a great teacher, and she is very clear and precise in her teaching style. She explains everything in easy to understand language. If these videos don’t suit your needs or your style, why not just leave the site instead of being insulting? It’s like changing the channel on the TV. Simply find something else that suits you better.

      • Patty

        Crafty Gemma tutorials are a great tool. If you don’t like this style of learning, there are always other ways.

      • Happygirllucky

        If you can’t post anything nice, please don’t waste the space because it can be used by positive minded people who want to learn from an excellent teacher.

      • Debbie

        Well that was mean of you and really if that’s what you get then that’s a shame! Nobody says you have to watch the videos. I have been watching her videos, and have seen many many others, and have never had such clear instructions. Vanessa gets right to the point and doesn’t just babble on and on.

      • Hedwig Kassam

        It saddened me reading the two horrible comments left by two people! Obviously they had an attack of the green eye monster? With the world falling apart around us, children being forced out of the countries of their birth……on foot I might add….people getting killed whilst enjoying a family Day out…did you two ladies really feel so angry with the world that you had to leave such an unkind comments about a girl who works hard has oodles of energy and enthusiasm and makes the world of sewers a better place. My advise is…go for a long walk come back and write an apology!

        • Rosa

          Hedwig Kassam I agree with you 100% you couldn’t have said it any better. They are truly mad at themselves they’re lives must be a disaster and can’t see the goodness in others. Vanessa is full of knowledge patience enthusiasm and I love watching her videos and must admit that I’ve learned so much watching her tutorials. Some people are so negative. If these two ladies (if I can call them ladies) have nothing positive going on for themselves. Find the good in you so that you can appreciate others is what I like to add regarding their terrible comments. Thank you for the goodness in you and may God bless you and yours.

        • Darlene

          I couldn’t agree with you more Kathy, envy and jealousy. You can really tell when people aren’t happy with themselves they post stupid comments. You said it very nice but people like them just don’t get it but the rest of us do. Thanks

      • mari

        You know one of my first lessens growing up was, if you don’t got nothing nice to say you say nothing at all. I agree with all the hate and things happening to us all You two ladies just added to the hate.

      • GrandmasBeans

        You have been invited to join the club – you can certainly refuse to do so if you don’t like the videos or Vanessa’s style. But why get so snippy? It just makes you look immature. Many people love Vanessa’s teaching style, but it’s not for everyone. May I suggest that there are other sites you might find that fit your style better.


      Hello I leave in france and I see your videos. I like them. I don’t speak english very well but you are so nice. Thank you. Marie-christine (FRANCE)

    • Mary Kowalski

      I watched it once. Then I go back and pause, follow the step, play a bit more, etc. That’s what I love about Vanessa’s tutorials. You can do it!

    • Gwenna

      Linda this wasn’t a class it was a video about what she will be showing us how to make during the bag of the month…….dahhhhhhhhh

  • Brenda Jerles

    I struggle to get a nice topstitch around the top of my bag. Not sure why but that is where I have the most trouble.

    • Cheryl cornett

      Can’t wait! Also was wondering about altering the size of some of the bags, I forgot the name of the one bag that looks more like an overnight bag I would love to maybe enlarge it a little. How hard will that be?

    • Kathy

      One trick for topstitching straight that I use with my students is to use your zipper foot. Move the needle out as far as you can (most will let you move a good 1/4″). By riding the zipper foot along the edge, your stitching will be straight. After you build your confidence a bit, go back to the regular foot. Right now you are in your head that you can’t do it straight. Yes you can!

  • Liz

    I love each and every one of the Craft Gemini videos. I have been making bags for a few months now and would love to get some short cuts. The recessed zipper was fantastic as most ladies ask for a secure closed top.

  • Nicole Reed

    Awesome video, I am so Excited for this bag club…i really can’t wait….I love your style of teaching….I have been wanting to get into bag making for a while…You do make it all look so easy Thank you Vanessa you are a sewing angel “)

  • kathie carter

    This is AWESOME! I plan on joining the club. It all terrifies me but with you doing the video tutorials I KNOW I can do it THUMBS UP!!!

  • Lenora Dorsey

    Your videos are always awesome and easy to understand! Bags and purses are intimidating in general for me.

  • Courtney McKenzie Hays

    Thank you for teaching me another way to do that type of zip! I can’t wait for registration! It’s almost 2 am right now haha I saw your email and thought “Eh, I’ll watch it in the morning.” Tossing and turning in bed later “Why not watch it now?” haha Thanks a lot for putting this together! I’m not new at making bags but I LOVE making them! So, I’m super excited to learn new techniques and patterns!

  • Erin

    Your video’s are inspirational and very motivating…Very keen to start and be a part of this ” Bag of the month Club”
    Zips and instructions are not my thing, but watching you for the past 3 years has been tremendous and so helpful.
    Ready and waiting….

  • Roos

    Thank you so much! I’ve made a bag with this kind of closing, but I’ve learned it differently and the last topstitch came out messy everytime.. next time I use this technic ^_^

  • Claudia

    Que bueno verte nuevamente! Gracias Vanessa por está nueva idea! Para mi la parteas complicada es coser los bordes del bolso tratando de que nada se escape.

  • Carolina Hill

    I love this, Vanessa! I have made so many of your tutorials and they are ALWAYS successful as you are so clear with everything! I have made several reusable tote bags as presents and they are a massive hit! (I live in the south of France and those totes are fab for market day)
    I would love to be able to make dividers inside handbags, like separations (not pockets) inside. Would that be something you would consider in your tutorials?
    Thanks again!!!!

    • Susan Mei

      I second that vote! My brain gets turned around to mush trying to figure out how to make dividers, and not sew yourself into the bag! It can be done with trial and error, but it’s way better if someone just shows you how. 😉 You’re good at that, Vanessa, I know you can do it!

  • Rebecca Wilson

    Another great video! I can’t wait for the Bag of the Month to start and I don’t even like handbags!

  • G

    Excitied about the bag of the month tips and tricks. I would like to see the card holder organizer pocket for the front of a handbag. Thanks

  • Kim

    Hi Vanessa.
    I am really excited to learn how to make even more hand bags. I have made so many of the Big Ol Tote bags from the quilt club!!! The one thing that intimidates me are zippers!!!! I
    This was another awesome tutorial especially for me since I am a very visual learner.
    I will be not so patiently waiting for more great tutorials!!!

  • Hedwig

    Your lessons are such a delight to watch and your enthusiasm is wonderful. I like to thank you for all your tips and instructions. I have been watching you for quite a long time and loved every video lesson. I wish I could invite you for a cuppa tea in England! Whoever films you needs a compliment too because he or she knows excactly how to get at the right angle to show us how it’s done! Keep going my dear, you are a breath of fresh air compared to other video lessons!! Take care and many thanks Hedwig from the UK xx

    • Mary Kowalski

      I think Vanessa is filming her own tutorials some of the time. She thought of having the angle be our view years ago and I think that’s one of the reasons her tutorials are so understandable. They aren’t backwards to us so we can imitate her moves and have success. I have overcome my fear of zippers thanks to practicing on the projects.

  • Susie Dillion

    I’m excited to learn different techniques. I love making them wan want to do other designs.

  • Marlene Scraders

    Excellent tutorial Vanessa, I’ve done zipper inserts before, but I find this is the most simplest way of doing it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Vickie Preston

    I really like your videos. I’m looking forward to the bag of the month series. You make the process easier.

  • Karol faride

    Excelente manera de enseñar, nunca lo vi tan sencillo. Muchas gracias y espero el proximo video.☺

  • Julie Savard-Vantran

    I can’t wait for this BOM to start. Thank you SO very much Vanessa!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could make bags, ones that people actually carry around!!!! Thank you to the moon and back!!

  • Erica

    I love making handbags and I think all of your videos are really fantastic . I like the fact that I can go back and look at a video whenever I need to..

  • Thunder

    Zippers intimidate me… and feet… and grommets.
    You are an inspiration, you sure make things look and feel “do able “. Thanks

    I want to stay home from work and make a bag, with a zpiper 😉 . Ahhh but I can’t. Duty calls.

    Y’all have a great day.

  • GabiP

    Can not wait for The Bag Of The Month Club! This is going to be so great! Thanks for this zipper info – I like a closed tote. Vanessa, you are the best! Literally.

  • Timothy Loy

    Do you know when we can sign up I hope not till the 3 rd of August that when I get paid you are a great teacher with what every you do

  • Denise Harris

    Oh I love the video explanation of the recessed zipper!!! That definitely intimidated me before. Not anymore!!! Thanks Vanessa!!

  • Aprille Sweatt

    Even though I have made several bags, I never carry a purse (security reasons), but so many of my friends still carry them. I was going to skip the Bag of the Month Club, but your last live video on the Crafty Gemini Quilt Club convinced me to join. I am sure that I will make bags for my friends, and I especially like the large duffel bag with the added hidden magnet closures on the sides. I enjoy ALL of your video tutorials! Thanks for this great “freebie”!

  • Ronnie Skinner

    Vanessa, I can’t wait! I am so excited. I love the way you teach. What intimidates me? The idea that it will be professional looking.
    We always want to give away something that doesn’t look “homemade” but are so proud to be able to tell people that it actually is.

  • Jean Wiegand

    I loved this tutorial/video. Another excellent technique by Vanessa! There is no end to your ideas and creativity. So glad I found you several years ago. Love the inset zipper technique and if I did not have a video to refer to, I would be totally dumbstruck about how to do it. Somethings just translate better in a video than the written word. Especially if you are like me, a totally visual learner. Love it, love it, love it! Sign me up for this Bag of the month club!!!

  • Christine M

    Looking forward to the Bag of the Month Club. I’ve recently begun making clutch bags. They’re a lot of fun to do.

  • Mary Kowalski

    You KNOW i love the Crafty Gemini Quilt Club so you can be sure I am chomping at the bit, waiting to sign up for this class. That Staci bag is so cute and will be perfect for some fabric in my stash. Thanks, V!!!!!

  • Susan Olson

    I’m curious, in your bag videos, will you show how you actually measure and cut out the fabric, that seems to be the hardest for me?

  • calif

    I don’t use purses with handles. Hoping that most of the purses your doing will have straps. I would like if you could not do the fast forward when your sewing and turning. We have that option in the menu. I like to see that process.

  • Terry Ivey

    Love the idea of video support for handbag patterns ! Was wondering though, for those of us with some disability…will there be a printable cutting list? I am afraid of joining something I can’t use. It’s hard to watch someone say what to cut…move away …and poof! All gone!! LOL and yes, my memory can be that short. I’ve been watching your utube for years , and somedays,you’re my favorite company. Guess you never knew you joined me for afternoon coffee 🙂

    • Melanie Hoadley

      I love being able to pause and rewind Vanessa’s videos, but she does usually have printable PDFs for her more involved projects.

      The hardest part of bag making for me is knowing the shape and size I want to end up with but visualizing what 2 dimensional pieces I need to get there. Also choosing the right stabilizer. The store I go to might not have what the pattern calls for so I have to guess what to substitute with but without knowing what I’m trying to buy. I hope that makes sense. Even if I want to design a ban I don’t know which stabilizer is appropriate for what I want the bag to turn out. I have made so many boring rectangle bags with plain old batting inside and I’m ready to move on to something more involved

  • Linda

    Yay!!! Maybe I can actually do this, you were clear in the video, it’ll be the very first time that I’ve ever put a zipper in!!! I’m excited and a little apprehensive!!!!

  • Mary Kay Harman

    You make everything look so easy. For those of us who don’t have enough self-confidence that is important. I hope I will be able to join the “Bag of the Month Club”. I have watched so many of your videos that I have lost count. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your ability to make hard things easy.

  • Cathy

    Thank you very much Vanessa. I love this Video and all your Videos. I am a newbie but all your video’s help me and make me feel confident

  • Lisa

    Love your easy step by step instructions. Most instructors just assume you know what they are talking. Thanks for everything you do!

  • Susan Belohlavek

    Another awesome video tutorial. I have wanted to tackle a recessed zipper but haven’t found clear instructions up until now. Can’t wait for Bag of the Month Club!

  • Dee Adams

    Awesome! I love making bags but I have only made simple ones and you have made installing this inserted zipper seem simple, I can hardly wait to give it a try. I hope that I will be able to join the bag of the month club. Thanks for doing this!

  • Leslie Thomas

    Vanessa, I’m really excited to see all of the variations that will come as each person makes their own version of your beautiful bags. I’m really looking forward to this!

  • Vivian Dixon

    Getting the straps from twisting stumps me whenever I make a tote. I carefully to place between bag and lining, stitch and end up with my signature handles. I will be looking forward to tips on this procedure. Thank you for your tutorials.

  • Ivonne

    Super Duper excited to get started with the Bag of the month club!!!???????????? Thanks Vanessa. ????

  • Bonnie Thiem

    This is such a great idea. I’ve made purses and bags where there was no illustration or photo to explain what was written. It would take myself and my girlfriend to try to figure out what was being said and then we don’t always do figure it out so we have to improvise. I can’t wait to start watching your monthly bag videos. I’m really excited.

  • Louise

    Vanessa I am really interested in making these bags. Thank you for showing us how to do the inset zipper. Very good tutorial. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  • Anne Moore-Fisher

    Yay I need to do this for my July Swap and all the You Tube one’s that I watched were really confusing or they go away and come back on the hard parts and the written instruction ones well needless to say having the video and the written is going to be super, you have made something that looks complicated really easy to do, thanks Vanessa !!!

  • Pat Oberg

    You are so cute and energetic that it’s infectious, and I’m hoping to be able to partake in your purse of the month club. I am slow to understand directions so your video will be most welcome by me. I am a visual sewer and if my mind doesn’t understand a direction, I’m lost. Your videos are an essential part of my completing a project. Looking forward to more info about the club. Thank you for being you!

  • Phyllis Prom

    I loved the video and am looking forward to the Bag of the Month Club. Thank you for always explaining your process and what you are doing so well, we all appreciate your enthusiasm. You are a great instructor.

  • Barbs Ferris

    Thanks for all the great info and the wonderful video. So much info about adding a zipper!

    You’re right, videos are just the greatest teaching tool and boy do I need that help. I’d only made s few notes and bags. I did purchase a tailor’ s ham and found it to be very helpful.

    You’re right (again) as far as all those interfacings for the totes and purses should hope you talk about them too.

    Thanks again!

  • Carol Maynard

    Live your teaching. I am a novice it’s easier for me when I can see what you’re doing rather than ready and understand especially paper piecing which I’ve never tried it’s intimidating. I followed your instruction for the mug rug it was a success. Now I’m more confident with the bag making. I’m excited to get started.

    Thanks for the positive energy

  • Wanda Goldfarb

    Vanessa, I CAN’T WAIT for this club to launch! Thank you for the recessed zipper tutorial. I kept putting off trying one but no more!

  • Marty Cuervo

    Have used many of your videos. Enjoy your work. I can never find the thumbs up. The most intimidating part of bags are the zippers so thank you for the help. One of your past tutorials where you made a zippered wrist handled make-up pouch was the best and gave me the courage to work with zippers.

  • Carole

    Bonjour Vanessa!
    I have made 15 of your Triangle Zippered Pouches as thank you gifts for my granddaughter’s birthday guests. I’ve filled the pouches with a note that said “Thank you for coming to Meagan’s birthday” + homade frienship bracelets, lip balm, candies and gum. They loved it! And so did the moms.
    I can’t wait to start on your bags. They will be a huge success, I am sure.
    So, from Canada, I’m telling you ”Lâche pas, tu es super!”

  • mgreen2427

    I love the bags we get peeks of during your travels! Can’t wait to make some of them. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorials.

  • Simone

    As a newbie I am excited and intimidated by this club, that being said I love bags and I am excited to join. You had me at Bags! I guess what intimidates the most is messing something up but I know that is apart of the process, I’m trying to get the Vanessa skills when I grow up ????.

  • Allison Kane

    Hi, Vanessa,
    I enjoyed your video about the recessed zipper, and it’s very straightforward as long as rhe lining is square or rectangular. But how do you do it if the lining is rounded or contoured? I want to add a recessed zipper to a bag like this. Please let me know if you get a chance. Thank you for a very useful video.

  • Sylvia

    Vanessa I found your site a while back via Jenny Doan of Missouri Quilt Company where you showed Jenny your method using fusible backing, and I was hooked. New to quilting I was inspired to try and make this bag. I surprised myself, but I watched your video over and over and was thrilled with the result. I am on my third one now and have friends who have made these bags as well. I now feel I would like to move on, and a zip closure is something that after watching your video I could attempt.
    I love your bubbly personality and your love of what you do. I look forward to your videos.

  • Lisa

    Awesome tutorial Vanessa. I’m limited right now on what I can do, but I love your easy and concise instructions.????????

  • Georgia Clough

    Vanessa I love your videos and the wonderful part is you can pause and replay but this one was really very fast. I am a seasoned bag maker and you even got me.

  • geraldine darden

    I think i can, I think I can, I will even at 78 yrs I love learning from you keep it up

  • Idarean

    This is a very interesting making a bag a month helps me to increase my skill on making a bag.I also need this direction to come back to email address. U know u can make one mistake and lose everything. This what has happen.
    I love your teaching still as teacher.

  • Idarean

    I like this making a bag a month helps me to increase my skill on making a bag
    .I also need this direction to come back to email address. U know u can make one mistake and lose everything. This what has happen.
    I love your teaching still as teacher.

  • kat

    I would be interested in those wood handles that you can wrap the fabric around.
    I tried making one- but didn’t quite get how to wrap the fabric around them- so just sewed them in.
    But now- how can I wash it?

  • Tamara Lee

    So excited for this to start! Thanks for all you do to make this possible. Your video tutorials & teaching style give me so much confidence & make it fun to create. Can’t wait to see your bags & all the wonderful & creative bags everyone will be making from your BOM club!

  • Allyson Tuttle

    Hi Vanessa:

    I looked at the video and found it new and interesting. I think I could make one of these so I will be searching for the right materials to make a hand bag and
    then follow your precise instructions. It is great to have a good teacher like like you that will help with knowing the way to make it look professional.
    Thank you Vanessa, God Bless,
    Allyson Tuttle

  • Ann Miville

    I’ve found inspiration from so many of your projects and tutorials through your blog, you tube channel and craftsy! Some women like shoes . . . I adore bags, purses, etc. and cannot wait to begin! Thank you for all that you do!

  • Laura Ningen

    Love your tutorials! Would love to see how to put that recessed zipper into a bag I have already made….I’m sure it can be done. Looking forward to the bag of the month club too! Thanks for keeping sewing current!!

  • Faye

    Great Video, thank you. Would suggest you also have pdf downloads with notes and diagrams for us too. I’m deaf, you have no closed captions. You talk too fast for me to lipread you. LOL

  • Susie

    I see you using glue to hold things in place before you sew. Whenever I use any kind of adhesive, it gums up my needle and creates a huge mess. How do you avoid this?

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      The key is to set the glue with a dry iron… and not to use much, of course. The heat from the iron sets it dry and there is no gumming up of the needle. You just don’t want to add moisture to the already wet glue with steam. Hope that helps!

  • Clovis Perkins

    I enjoyed the video. Zippers give me the most trouble. Sometimes directions of patterns are not that good. I will try to do the zipper the way you did it. It looked so simple.

  • Pam Kramer

    Love your videos. I am a visual person, and you make the videos so easy to understand. Can’t wait for you handbag tutorials. Also I love your pink lipstick. What color and type do you use? Thank you for everything you do!

  • Mary Rogers

    Loved the tutorial on the inset zipper. I will be able to adopt this into regular open top bags and feel secure that the contents will not fall out.
    Looking forward to the hand bag of the month tutorials. Great concept. What will be the cost ?

  • Kim

    I’ve been making bags for yrs but never really knew how to do the zippers like u are doing, Love the way it looks on the bags…you teach very well on all your tutorials…..ty

  • Cathy Hoover

    Hey. I just watched the 2nd video and there was a glitch at about the 10:20 point. I backtracked several times and it always happened at the same place. It may just be my computer but thought I would let you know just in case. Love your videos. I got my first sewing machine for Christmas in 1964 and still enjoy learning new things.

  • Barbara

    Thank you, Vanessa, I make bags and always wanted to do an adjustable strap. Your instructions are very clear and easy to understand. Looking forward to joining bag your bag of the month club

  • Susan Mei

    Vanessa, love the videos. Very helpful. Thank you so much. I don’t know if anyone else asked this, since there are about 40,000 comments here, but when you tell us more about the bags, will you also tell us the measurements? I know you said we can adjust the size, but I would like to know the starting size of the prototypes, if you don’t mind. 🙂 Thanks a million!

  • Debra M. Connis

    Good Evening, Miss Vanessa.

    I love your tutorials. They are so informative. I was wondering what brand and model number your iron is? I was trying to freeze it and look at it but, I am tooo slooowww. Lol

    Thank you for your help.


  • Susan Mei

    Vanessa, will we be able to pay a portion of the price each month with PayPal, like we do with the quilt club? That would be really helpful for those of us on a tight budget, as well as those already paying for the quilt club, each month. I hope, I hope . . . .Pretty please???? Thank you. 🙂

  • Elizabeth Sawyer

    Great video as usual and excellent teaching with brilliant camera angle. Well done yet again Vanessa.

  • Delores Junior

    just love you videos i learn so much now i have a chance to make my own bags thank you looking forward to the club you are so clear and easy to learn from thank you

  • Rhonda Head

    I have made several bags that I would never have tackled if I didn’t have your videos. I’m excited to learn more. One question the glue you use looks like regular elmers glue. Is it or is there a special kind of glue to use sewing?

  • Edie Warren

    Even though I am an experienced bag maker, I am truly looking forward to this new BOM club. I’m sure you’ll be showing me something I don’t know or even just refresh my memory. Keep up the excellent work……and go ahead and brag if you want to!

  • Valerie Herrington

    I have been making for many years. So nice to see an adjustable strap finally explained clearly. Just happen to have one to try this method. It is a birthday gift for my sister. Also wanted to thank you for your Missouri Star video tour. My sister in law and I just came back from a retreat there last week. One more thing off our bucket list!!! Hope to take a “live” class from you very soon. I’m in Jacksonville.

  • Shirley Elfstrom

    I do enjoy your videos and am looking forward to the Bag of the Month club.. one question, what do you use for your basting glue? is it just regular Elmer’s? Oh, and also, I can’t find a thumbs up to click on for you..

  • Mira Sasson

    I like the projects that you displays on your youtube channel. and the way you explain the process . it is charming . good job.

  • Marie

    Can’t wait for the bag of the month starts, I’m so excited! I made a triangle bag from your video for my 3 year old great grandson Tyler and I put 2 little Match Box cars in it. He’ll learn how to manage zippers and have fun with his cars. Thank you for your method of doing things, it’s simple and precise and very easy to follow. Keep up the good work!


  • Dorene Locke

    Thank you so much I am learnimg so much from your vidios. Great tips too. So east ti follow.

  • Darlene Gardner

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    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      Hi Sandra. You will need to be able to print out the templates for the bag designs so if you don’t have one you could go to a local print shop or have someone else print it out for you. But yes, a printer is crucial for getting the pattern pieces at the correct size. 🙂

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      Hi Terry! Thanks for your interest in my new bag club. Yes! All the bags are fully lined and professionally finished on the inside. No raw edges! Hope you’ll join us!

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