WIP Wednesday #120: I want to sew clothes! Where do I start?

Have you ever thought “I want to sew clothes but I’m not sure where to start”? Then this is the video for you! In this episode of WIP Wednesday Vanessa is answering a bunch of pre-submitted questions about sewing clothes!

If fears and doubts are holding you back from beginning (or restarting!) your garment sewing journey we can help! Tune in today and learn how Vanessa’s straight forward teaching approach has helped thousands of students over the years. You can sew clothes, too!

Some of the questions she’ll be answering include:

• What basic sewing supplies do I need to sew clothes?
• Do I need a sewing machine?
• How do I choose fabrics for my projects?
• What specific tools & notions are required?
• Is it more expensive to sew your own clothes?
• What sewing techniques should I learn first?
• Where can I find sewing tutorials and resources?

Tune in LIVE and hear Vanessa’s tips and answers to viewer questions!

ASK YOUR QUESTIONS: Submit your own question to be answered on a future WIP Wednesday here: https://forms.gle/D2qMCVJxfAgJHvWb7

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What we’re covering:

0:24 – Welcome to WIP Wednesday

2:10 – 8-pack of faux leather sheets new in the shop!

4:56 – Basic garment sewing supplies

13:57 – Do you need a sewing machine to sew clothes?

14:46 – Where do you buy stretch fabrics and knits?

21:20 – Your fabric and your pattern need to work together

29:44 – Sewing stretchy fabrics on a home sewing machine

31:06 – Download this garment sewing tips sheet!

31:58 – Tracing pattern pieces

36:25 – Learning to sew garments

40:41 – Is it cheaper or more expensive to make your own clothes?

44:34 – Get notified about the new garment sewing class

45:35 – Start your garment sewing journey simply

48:48 – My animal print sweatshirt!

Products and projects mentioned:

• Bow Zipper Pouch Tutorial: https://youtu.be/rRxr6T4slOs

• 8-pack of faux leather sheets: https://craftygemini.com/shop/8-pack-of-faux-leather-sheets/

• OLFA 45mm Rotary Cutter: https://craftygemini.com/shop/olfa-45mm-rotary-cutter/

• KAI Scissors- Assorted Sizes & Styles: https://craftygemini.com/shop/kai/

• Get your FREE Beginner Garment Sewing Tips & Tricks PDF: https://craftygemini.com/op/garment-sewing-freebie/

• How to Measure Fabric Stretch tutorial: https://youtu.be/qVBD2ZnsQfY

• Clip & Slide Measuring tape: https://craftygemini.com/shop/clipslidetape/

• Pattern tracing paper I use: https://craftygemini.com/shop/bosal-create-a-pattern-tracing-paper/

• Jalie 3880- BOBBIE V-Neck Top: https://craftygemini.com/shop/jalie-3880-bobbie/

• Bobbie T-shirt Online Video Course: https://craftygemini.com/shop/bobbie-t-shirt-online-video-course/

• Jalie 4242 Karine Raglan Cardigan Sewing PATTERN ONLY: https://craftygemini.com/shop/jalie-4242-karine-raglan-cardigan-sewing-pattern-only/

• Jalie Karine Raglan Cardigan Video Course: https://craftygemini.com/shop/jalie-karine-raglan-cardigan-video-course/

• Crafty Gemini Curvy Ruler: https://craftygemini.com/shop/curvyruler/

• Jalie sewing patterns on sale: https://craftygemini.com/?s=jalie+pattern&post_type=product

• 100% Polyester thread for all purpose sewing: https://craftygemini.com/shop/wonderfil-designer-poly-thread/

• SewTites Magnetic Cutting System (15% off affiliate link): https://www.sewtites.com/?ref=craftygemini

• Order a Cricut Joy here (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3rw8p4D

• Cricut supplies I love & recommend (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3O7ERmX

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• Iron I use (1800 watts/ affiliate link): https://amzn.to/491uAkF

• Shop 100+ digital courses on sewing/quilting/knitting/crochet/garment sewing: https://craftygemini.com/product-category/pdf-video-workshops/

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