How to Knit for Beginners- FREE video

So many of you have told me you have wanted to learn how to knit over the years and have had nothing but unsuccessful attempts. Hopefully, my video tutorial will help get you on your way to knitting your first project!

In this Video #3 of my Knitting for Beginners tutorial series, I show you how to make a slip knit, cast on, and knit the knit stitch in both English and Continental styles. There are dozens of ways to knit and there is no right or wrong way. Try out the two ways I show you in this free video tutorial and find out what works best for you and your hands. Personally, I prefer to knit English/American style and have built up a little bit of speed that way so it’s what I like. Speed is not the goal of knitting so don’t be discouraged if you are a slow knitter. It’s about enjoying the yarn and the process.

Give it a go!

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One reply on “How to Knit for Beginners- FREE video

  • Linda

    Even though I know how to knit I like to videos for beginners. I like using the bamboo needles, too. They don’t make my hands, which I have artrithis, hurt.


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