What NOT to do when sewing Butterick 6214: Instructional Video

I’m back with the next video in my Butterick 6214 sew along video! In this video tutorial I make the pattern the way I’ve seen my beginning sewing students try to make their clothes. There are many many no-nos in this video… trust me when I say I did them all on purpose! I want to show the newbies following along what they tend to end up with when they don’t yet have the knowledge and/or experience to know better.  If you have had failed attempts at making clothes in the past I hope you will be able to relate to some problems in this video and that you will stick around for the next video where I’ll properly show you how to select your pattern size, fabric, notions and make a better fitting top.

Click here to watch Video #2 of the Butterick 6214 Sew Along Series. 

p.s.- If you’re new to this series you can always watch the first (and upcoming) video HERE. 

If you need the Butterick 6214 pattern or my favorite clip & slide measuring tape order HERE. 

24 replies on “What NOT to do when sewing Butterick 6214: Instructional Video

  • Susan

    Thanks for all the info – really appreciate you! and yes I did a sample one and it came out just like yours! Can’t wait until the next video!! I learn so much from you!

    PS Have you tried Eloflex thread! I personally love it as I don’t have a serger! and with this thread you sew just like reg. Please give me your opinion!

  • Teresa Krieger

    Thanks for this video. I’m certain my last attempt at clothing sewing I did exactly what you showed us NOT to do. I have purchased several clothing patterns since then but have little confidence that I can make them fit. Hopefully, I will be confident again after your Sew along!

  • LuAnne Borzych

    I am loving your teaching method. Learning how to sew garments, as a beginner, is definitely hard. Showing me what not to do is extremely beneficial to me. Choosing the correct fabrics is overwhelming. Can’t wait to hear what you have to share about that. ????

  • Annie

    Oh Vanessa .. you have no idea! ????
    Thanks so much for this – looking forward to the next and learning the correct way.

  • Manuela

    I too have “misused” patterns like this. I made a fleece for my husband and following the pattern the end product looked like a tent. Needless to say I have plenty of fleece left over after being discouraged by the result. I cant wait for the next video. Thank you so much.

  • Adriana Bergstrom

    So ‘en pointe’ girl! I love that you’re doing this. Lots of little things you can do to work a big 6 sewing pattern, but the information is certainly lacking on those package envelope instructions! 😀

  • Ursula

    I really enjoyed your teaching on this pattern. I have tried sewing projects where the shirt did not come out too well. It was probably due to beginner mistakes. I am really looking forward to the next video.

  • Tamara Lee

    Excellent info Vanessa, thank you! I’ve been so intimidated by these tissue type patterns, but still want to try them. You know I’ve been a nurse for 34 years. Your unfinished oversized “what not to do” top looks like a hospital gown, lol. Looking forward to this series to finally get it right to make a top I’m excited to wear .

  • Eunice Scott

    I have been sewing for over 55 years and I just love what you are doing for the beginners out there. You make the techniques my grandam, mom and aunt taught me so easy for the beginners to understand. I follow you for your cute and simple craft and kids clothing patterns. I’m a mom, grandma and great grandma and just love you on Facebook. Keep it up lady, you are amazing!!!

  • Donna Ballotta

    so funny to watch mistakes I made in the past very good wish you had done this years ago

    thanks for all you do

    sorry I can’t pay for your videos I love the ones I have watched

    please keep teaching

  • Grace Patane

    Another great video, Vanessa! It must have been hard to see a garment the wrong way!! I can’t wait for the next video!!

  • Janelle Malec

    I made a top two days ago. I like how flannel feels against my skin so I used flannel and my shirt turned out just as boxy as yours. And mine had a high low hem and I messed that up.too. The instructions didn’t tell me how to do a continuous hem around (round hem) so it’s chopped with a half in drop down at the side seams. The sleeves are too long too and the neck came out so big it falls off my shoulder enough to show my bra strap. I would like to provide a picture. I am an experienced garment sewer and matched notches.

  • Fay Thoomas

    Thank you for this video, can’t wait for the next. I sew most of my clothes, but like you I fall between sizes, and would adjust the pattern , but by trial and error. Hope to learn the proper way. My stuff comes out great, but need more kno and not Gus work.
    Thank uou

  • Carole

    Does anyone know when we’ll be starting to make our “tops”. I watched Videos 1 & 2 and found them extremely interesting. I just bought my fabric (pattern already purchased)

  • Tina

    Thank you, I have an old body now and straight up front with my boobs, hard to find a waist (what is that) and wrinkly old arms! So always look like I am a sausage tied in the middle!
    So watching with interest to see if it can help my sewing!

  • Carol Kauffman

    I have been sewing for years but have never known how to make those patterns fit my body so they are comfortable to wear. Will be looking forward to the next videos to help me get some great looking tops and comfy besides.

  • Kristen

    No wonder none of the patterns I have bought in the past have worked. Which is why I quit making my own clothes. Very interesting and looking forward to the next video.


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